MAFS spoilers: Did Katie have an affair and cheat on Derek?

Married at First Sight
MAFS reunion special preview reveals Katie may have cheated on Derek. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 10 of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight came to a close Wednesday when the couples faced one another with their declaration of devoted love or divorce.

Early in their marriage, Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman seemed to hit it off well during their wedding ceremony and honeymoon.

As the weeks progressed in DC, however, Katie became frustrated with Derek’s dreamer mentality, wanting him to be more grounded and realistic.

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Amidst confusing arguments, Derek still maintained his composure and tried to communicate with and appease Katie.

Recently, the couple also faced jealousy issues. Katie had admitted to still being attracted to an ex-boyfriend who professed he had feelings for her as well.

Meanwhile, she was frustrated with Derek for having flirtatious conversations with other girls, and not initiating the same interactions with her.

Decision Day

Going into Decision Day, Derek tried to stay positive, understanding it could go one way or the other. Katie expressed wanting to “get it over with,” while also admitting she missed him when the two had to sleep apart the night before.

On the couples’ couch, Katie conveyed that she was feeling torn. She felt the two had built a solid friendship, but that the emotional connection still wasn’t there.

Derek echoed that the two could “make fun out of nothing,” and that at times they were very compatible and other times not as compatible.

Katie continued that there wasn’t a desire to spend extra time with one another, which was a feeling she had had in other relationships.

However, Derek stated that he had the desire to stay married and continue working on their relationship. Katie, though still on the fence, surprisingly wasn’t ready to give up yet either and wanted to stay married.

Reunion may reveal secrets

Though Katie and Derek ultimately decided to stay together, it looks like the MAFS reunion show may bring more drama and another possible divorce.

In a preview for the special, host Kevin Frazier gets updates from the couples on where they are now.

Derek drops a bomb when he states, “Katie confesses to me how she had an affair.”

Katie appears to defend herself, saying, “that’s not true.”

The revelation wouldn’t be a shock to many since Katie has stated multiple times that he still harbors feelings for an ex who seemingly strung her along before her decision to marry.

Additionally, her commitment on Decision Day didn’t seem permanent, as she admitted she and Derek were not in love yet, but that she saw potential.

Only time will tell what lies ahead for Katie and Derek. 

Married at First Sight Reunion Special airs Wednesday, April 22 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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3 years ago

They made decision day but will never make the reunion as a couple. She seems to be flighty and indecisive in what she wants. She’s probably a bit trampy too as they are the only couple that consumated on wedding day.