Married at First Sight spoilers: Did Brandon show up for Taylor on Decision Day?

Did Brandon show up to speak with the experts on decision night?
Brandon and Taylor had decisions to make. Pic credit: Lifetime

Let’s be honest, this season of Married at First Sight was rough, and one couple who seemed doomed from the start is Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin.

The relationship started off promising, but after the first episode, things started to go downhill.

It all started during the honeymoon in Panama when Taylor captured a sleeping Brandon during her video diary.

This seemed to set off Brandon, who refused to speak to Taylor the entire day, despite her attempts at trying to appease him.

Brandon was uncomfortable with the cameras

Later in the evening, he finally confessed that the cameras made him anxious and he was not pleased to wake up with a camera in his face.

This seemed to be the catalyst for many temper tantrums from Reid throughout the season — despite willingly signing up for the reality show and signing an agreement to be on camera.

The newly married couple continued to butt heads as the season progressed and although Brandon agreed to move in together after returning from vacation, he didn’t stay for very long.

After Taylor posted a video on social media disrespecting her new husband and refusing to apologize for it, Brandon moved out.

The two eventually made up and after some cajoling from the counselors, he agreed to move back in.

Will they stay together?

A sneak peek from tonight’s episode showed the final night in the eight-week experiment when couples must make a decision to either get divorced or stay together.

However, true to form, it seems Brandon was a no show and Taylor showed up to face the experts on her own.

Below is a synopsis that was made available for the episode:

“When the couple is set to meet with the experts and decide whether or not they want to stay married, only the bride can be found.

Though Taylor admitted she and her husband hang out off-camera, she agrees he’s pretty much quit the experiment — and that bailing the last step in the show would further speak for itself.”

This is very telling — and not very surprising — if you’ve been following them all season.

After a while, many viewers felt that they were toxic for each other and should part ways, and apparently the couple agrees.

We’ve already revealed that Taylor and Brandon are no longer together and that Brandon filed for divorce in January.

However, although we know the outcome of their relationship, you can still see how it all plays out in the season finale.

All of the couples will make a decision during the Married at First Sight finale episode on April 15 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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