Married at First Sight spoilers: Reunion trailer reveals shocking cast revelations

Season 10 reunion trailer shares a few shocking details
MAFS reunion promises to be a memorable one. Pic credit: Kinetic Content

The Married at First Sight Reunion is quickly approaching, and let’s just say it’s going to be a memorable one.

It was a rough season for the couples, and many viewers felt that the experts were way off their game with these pairings.

Nonetheless, all the couples said ‘I do’ and the season kicked off in full force, but things soon got rocky for many of them soon after.

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Now Season 10 is officially over, but the drama is still ongoing as there is still one very dramatic episode left to play out with the reunion.

Secret date, arrest and cheating allegations

Hosted by TV personality Kevin Frazier, the reunion picks up five months after decision day, as the castmates must once again reunite and give an update about their relationships.

“What happened when the cameras turned off, and the experts went home? Could the couples make it on their own? Did anyone regret their decision to get a divorce?” Frasier asks.

A teaser for the April 22nd reunion episode gave us quite a bit of insight into what we can look forward to on reunion night.

In the short clip Katie and Derek, who decided to stay together on decision day but have reportedly broken up soon after, come face to face once again.

We see Derek confronting Katie about cheating on him, and she fires back, seemingly denying the allegations.

We also get a glimpse of Taylor nodding her head after being asked by Kevin if she was arrested. There was no Brandon in sight, so it’s not clear if he showed up for the reunion, or he was a no show, as usual.

On decision night, he walked out right after Taylor voiced her decision to end the marriage.

As for Zach Justice, of course, he showed up, he would never miss an opportunity to be on camera. In the clip, we see Mindy sharing that he was only on the show for publicity.

As for the only happy couple in the bunch, Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer, we got a brief glimpse of them too, looking quite cozy together.

You can check out the trailer below

Married at First Sight

Two cast members went on a date

During the clip, Frazier dropped a bombshell, saying, “two people from different marriages went on a date.”

The cameras immediately cut to the Michael walking off the set, saying, “this is not what I expected at all,” leading us to believe that this involves either him or his ex-wife, Meka Jones, in some way.

However, we’ve already revealed that the two cast members who went on a date are Katie Conrad and Zach Justice.

However, we don’t know much else about how or when the two hooked up, where they went on their date or even where they stand now.

Frazier will most likely get to the bottom of this during the Married at First Sight reunion.

Married at First Sight reunion airs on Wednesday, April 22 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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3 years ago

Wow! Can’t wait! Katie & Zach should have been matched from the beginning. They are both incredibly immature, selfish and have way too large egos!