Married at First Sight Season 13, Episode 13 recap: Tears, Jeers and 25 Cent Martinis

MAFS Zack breaks down
MAFS Zack breaks down. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married At First Sight Season 13 couples are in the final countdown to Decision Day, and emotions are running high. This week the couple’s met with the shows’ experts and were told to get real or get out.

Myrla decided to take part in a special tradition known as 25 cent martinis and showed up to her meeting with Dr.Pepper sloshed. But in true Myrla fashion, she actually held it together pretty well and was still able to deep dive into some issues with the Married at First Sight expert.

Myrla and the martinis

Myrla and Gil, much to everyone’s surprise, have actually been doing great this season. But there is one big issue that they need to handle as soon as possible — Myrla’s complaining.

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Both experts got real with Mryla and Gil and said Myrla’s bad behavior had to go. Pastor Cal explained to Gil that negativity was cancer to a relationship, and Gil agreed that, although things were going well, they could derail at any time.

Dr. Pepper honed in on Myrla, explaining that a “constant rain of criticism” could change the mood and that it was something she and Gil really needed to talk about.

Following the individual sessions, the couple met up and a still slightly boozy Myrla asked Gil if her complaining was an issue. Gil agreed it was and the two talked about what could be done to correct it.

Myrla agreed to be more considerate of how it affected others and encouraged Gil to do what he always did, which was make her laugh. Gil encouraged her to be more affectionate during those times, for extra support.

The couple reached a compromise and conclusion that seems to work for both of them.

Way to go, you two!

Michaela and Zack break down and break up

These two were back at it this episode, after a short reprieve last week, the two started up their explosive fighting again.

Zack and Michaela met with the experts and Pastor Cal was shocked that Michaela thought things were going as well as she did. Pastor Cal asked Michaela what she needed from Zack and she replied “for him to be happy.”

Michaela felt she should not be held responsible for Zack’s happiness, and Pastor Cal explained that was how marriage works. He went on to say that, while a spouse can’t generate another’s happiness, they should be actively contributing to it. He encouraged Michaela to give Zack a safe place to be happy.

Meanwhile, Zack met with Dr. Pepper and expressed his fears over his perfectionist ways, and worried they might be spilling over into his marriage. The tears and advice flowed as Dr. Pepper encouraged him to express his fears to Michaela. Dr. Pepper encouraged him to find ways to help Michaela feel more secure in their relationship.

The two met up after their meetings and agreed to try what the experts had recommended.

All the couples met up for group fun in the sun with some volleyball, and while it looked like things were going well for Michaela and Zack when the two returned home, the volleyball net went down and the boxing gloves came on.

Apparently, the two had some sort of conversation where they both agreed they would be saying “no” on Decision Day and Michaela felt it would be better for them to sleep in separate rooms from then on. Zack had a strong reaction to that and felt it would mean taking steps back. He said that if that’s what they were going to do then he was going to return to his own home to sleep. Michaela felt it was an overreaction but said that was fine.

But while Zack was gone, Michaela moved out, again, taking the spices and the final shreds of their relationship’s dignity, with her.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the two have done this separate beds, move out dance. The couple’s first major fight included Zack sleeping in the guest room with his dog and Michaela moving out.

Married at First Sight fans weighed in on Michaela’s walkout and the reviews were less than great. The couple barely made it back from the initial blow-up, and with less than three weeks to Decision Day, it seems this might be the end for one of the couples many thought would be Most Likely To Succeed.

Rachel and Jose talk tempers and triggers

Rachel entered her meeting with Pastor Cal gushing over her relationship with Jose. She felt she had gotten everything she asked for and felt sure Jose was “her person.” She did mention the small incident of him locking her out of their apartment, but she felt that they had worked through that.

Pastor Cal encouraged her to dig deeper into what had triggered Jose and what things she could do, to keep things from escalating to that point again.

Jose got read the riot act by Dr. Pepper, who told him that she did feel he had a tendency to be controlling. She encouraged him to listen to Rachel more and let her have some say in their finances and life choices. Jose readily agreed as he said he felt he got everything he asked for in Rachel and couldn’t ask for anything more

The couple hashed it out following their meeting and seemed to reach agreements and a plan for future issues. The two finished off their day with the group volleyball game which they seemed to really enjoy. All in all a productive day for MAFS power couple Rachel and Jose.

Bao and Johnny: Promises, promises

We don’t know about you, but these two are giving us motion sickness. The back and forth, ups and downs, highs and lows — it’s a lot.

Before the couple’s individual meetings with Pastor Cal, another bedtime discussion escalated into a blow-up. Johnny explained he was taking physical intimacy off the table for a while because he wasn’t feeling an emotional connection to Bao. Bao expressed her frustration that things had to be on Johnny’s terms, and Johnny blew up and walked out.

The two met with the experts the next day and the experts tried to smooth over the wrinkles in the two’s relationship. Dr. Pepper encouraged Johnny to communicate with Bao and take the cruel things he was saying, off the table. She encouraged him to ask what Bao needed and try to respond to that. Johnny was encouraged and agreed to continue trying.

But no sooner had he agreed to Dr. Pepper’s terms when he seemed to forget them as Bao and Johnny’s post-therapist meetup turned ugly. Bao attempted to put up boundaries with Johnny as far as how he was talking to her and treating her and Johnny immediately fired back that he had not been attracted to her or they would have gone on a second date 15 years prior. Why Johnny why?!

Bao was obviously deflated and the two left things in an awkward place.

Bao’s meeting with Pastor Cal had a similar vibe, but she was actually told to communicate less with Johnny. Pastor Cal advised her to stay surface and see if Johnny initiated.

The two had their post-meeting blowup, but the volleyball game featured Bao in a cheerleader’s uniform, and Johnny seemed to take to it. So at this point, it really is anyone’s game.

Ryan and Brett give it another go

Ryan’s meeting with Dr. Pepper, went just about as one would expect. It’s no secret Ryan has not been trying in his marriage with Brett, and it seems like he has given up.

Dr. Pepper encouraged him to give it an actual try with Brett and push through his doubts. She also encouraged him to tell Brett how he truly felt so they could work through it.

Ryan agreed to try, but Dr. Pepper did not seem convinced.

But Dr. Pepper isn’t the only one who thinks Ryan is being a lackluster husband. Fans have been sounding off about Ryan being a “serial dater” and that he was not ready for this process.

They have even labeled him one of the “words husbands in MAFS history” although he is not as high on those charts as Johnny, whose cruel words have also seemed to give the fans a lot to talk about.

Meanwhile, Brett met with Pastor Cal and he also encouraged her to get real with Ryan. He encouraged her to ask Ryan when he had given up on the marriage and at what point he had tapped out. Brett said she felt like it had been “a while ago” but Pastor Cal told her to dig deeper.

At a loss, Brett also reached out to Ryan’s sister Alexa, who pretty much told her that she felt Ryan might be distracted by an ex still lurking around. She said it was odd that Ryan did such a flip from the honeymoon, where he was blissful to the minute they returned to Houston, where he was suddenly doubtful. Not good news for Brett.

Brett and Ryan met up after their sessions and both agreed to be more honest with each other, yet they still did not talk about how they were feeling. So the big conversation still looms ahead for this couple, and we are willing to bet that it won’t be pretty.

Although, judging from the trailers for next week’s episode, it doesn’t seem the upcoming couples’ retreat brings a lot of good things for any of the Season 13 couples.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

Why no one is calling Michaela out on her anger issues? She’s constantly having a fit over something, or storming off in a huff, smashing things, and slamming doors. I think Zach’s right not to jump in 100%.

I think Myrla and Gil can work things out BUT I don’t think too many people could put up with Myrla long-term. Gil is very patient and seems to tolerate her demanding ways. I think Myrla is slowly changing for the better. It helps that they both have a good sense of humor.

And regarding Ryan – he’s very difficult to read. He seems like a really nice guy but he presents himself as distant, cold, and aloof. Maybe he doesn’t realize this? Seems like he gave up a long time ago. Too bad because Brett seems like a wonderful person who’s very committed to him.