MAFS Season 13 couples: Who we think are the most likely to succeed

MAFS Season 13's Rachel looks hopeful in her wedding gown
MAFS Season 13’s Rachel looks hopeful before meeting her new husband Pic credit: Lifetime

Well, here we go again MAFS fans! Another new season, and another new batch of marriage hopefuls.

As the new couples make their way to the altar, we have some thoughts on who we think are going to be the most (and least) likely to succeed.

Bao and Johnny are our couple voted most likely to succeed

Fans and experts alike are obsessed with this couple. First and foremost, we have to love the diversity that Season 13 is bringing. For the first time in the show’s history, there will be a traditional Asian wedding ceremony with an American Asian couple represented. Now, with that being said, let’s get down to business on these two.

Bao and Johnny both are fairly set in their ways, cleanliness is one word for it, borderline OCD is another. But as they are both extremely fastidious, this could be a match made in neatness heaven.

Both individuals have very similar life and career goals, are very driven and family-oriented, and share a similar sense of humor and desire for that in a partner.

The couple seems like they could be a lot of fun together, and bring out a lot of good qualities in the other.

The only caveat is…can they get out of their own way. Both describe themselves as “picky” and have been known to end relationships for maybe less than valid reasons.

Now, that being said, Dr. Pepper did have a little sit down with Bao in the matchmaking special, to let her know that the controlling girl who created a list of over 30 people she did not want to be matched with had to go. Dr. Pepper explained to her that to make the experiment a success, Bao would have to loosen up and begin seeing her “pickiness” as a flaw, and not something to be rewarded. Bao agreed she would try.

A similar chat was had with Johnny, that no woman could possibly meet all his standards of cleanliness (although Bao might give him a run for his money) and that he would need to be understanding and flexible on certain things if he truly wanted a marriage to work. He also agreed. So we will have to see if both of them will be able to keep their promise.

This couple is very ready and committed to marriage, and will seemingly give it the best shot they can. These two do not seem like people who walk away from commitments easily so their success will definitely come with their combined efforts at making it work. That being said, if for some reason they cannot get past their own or the other person’s flaws, this relationship likely wouldn’t go down without a fight. That in and of itself would make this match a success.

This couple has the stuff to be a real Married At First Sight success story!

Michaela and Zack are our first runners up

We dig it. We like this couple. We see a lot of potential here. Do we see some possible red flags? Sure. But not anything the two of them couldn’t overcome. Zack is younger than Michaela, but it doesn’t seem like we have an Erik and Virginia situation here, where one person has a completely different lifestyle than the other or has very different goals. Incidentally, the couple finally filed for divorce this month.

Zack is a professional with a good job and a passion for things other than drinking and partying (which was Virginia’s problem.) He also appears to be very committed to things, such as his piano and music, and appears to be able to follow through on commitments. I mean, have you ever tried learning the piano? It’s a marriage-style commitment in and of itself. Michaela is equally committed to her career and both seem to have a solid grounding in their lives.

While he is younger, Michaela seems like she is the life of the party so it’s not exactly like she’s huddled in a rocking chair in the corner knitting or anything. She seems like she is more than capable of keeping up with Zack’s younger ways. She also seems very open and patient, so if they did run into any roadblocks, it seems that she would be open to giving him some grace and space to find his way.

Both of them seem like a lot of fun but are also very committed to their responsibilities. These two have a great shot at a long-term future together.

Ryan and Brett slip into spot number 3, by a nose

Ryan and Brett and Rachel and Jose were pretty neck and neck for the number 3 spot. However, we do feel Ryan and Brett have a little more of a chance than Rachel and Jose, but not by much.

Ryan is a bit of a concern for me, between his serial dating and high standards, he does not seem quite ready for a real marriage yet. Brett is a major catch, but will Ryan see it that way? Honestly, this couple is giving me a little Mindy and Zach from Season 10 vibes. Where there is a great girl but the guy just can’t quite see it and is maybe looking for something else from the show, other than a lifelong partnership. Mindy and Zach were one of the first couples of Season 10 to call it quits. Zach’s questionable motives for being on the show and his obvious lack of interest in being a husband to Mindy led her to call it off early on.

Unfortunately, there is a little bit of that vibe coming off of Ryan as well. That being said, if Ryan is in fact in this for the right reasons, he might have met his match with Brett. Both of them place fitness as a high priority for their lives, and a partnership. Both of them are successful in their careers and seem like they are high-energy and a lot of fun. This couple could be great together, as long as they are both open to being flexible and being available for a real partnership.

Their shared interests, lifestyles and proclaimed goals could create a very strong foundation for the couple to grow from. But if Ryan isn’t quite ready to let go of his bachelor ways, or maybe doesn’t have the right intentions for the show, then the couple could crash and burn. These are the dynamics that can’t quite be predicted until a couple is in front of each other and the cameras and the marriage gets real.

Rachel and Jose take our number four spot

We see where the experts were going with this one..but for us, it’s a no-go. They do have a shared love of sports, family, and their culture, but it doesn’t seem like they are going to get there based on personality traits.

Jose actually would have matched well with another Season 13 contestant, Myrla, but that was not the way the cookie crumbled for these two couples. Rachel’s sweet personality is about to get run over by Jose’s dominant and structured ways.

While he says he is not really one for gender roles, he certainly seems like he is. He also had an entire laundry list of qualities he was looking for in a woman, many of which actually contradicted themselves, creating impossible standards, and indicating someone who did not know what they wanted or what was truly important in a relationship.

As we get older we generally begin to see through all the smoke and mirrors of our younger days. We realize that certain things are really just not that important in a marriage or partnership, so things like “must have long hair” generally drop off our list. However, that was one that Jose’s list featured, along with many other similar qualities. He also seems a little high maintenance, while Rachel is very down to earth and not very focused on the physical. I just don’t think these two are going to see eye to eye.

This is why we put them firmly at number 4 of likely to succeed couples.

Myrla and Gil are our least likely to succeed

Is it getting hot in here or is it just this next couple? We cannot deny they are some good-looking individuals, but will their fiery personalities translate into a passionate romance, or will their relationship go down in flames? It may be too much heat for one relationship. The couple may hit it off initially in the bedroom, and that could fuel their fire for a while, but in the long term, Gil is going to be fighting flames in more places than just his job.

Gil does not seem especially flexible or laid back. He also said point blank he wants a “low maintenance” woman. Whether he meant in personality or upkeep, he will not be getting that with Myrla. Although the experts pointed out Myrla, will be the breadwinner in that relationship, as she does make more than Gil. However, it’s likely that he still will not be accepting of her shopping or lifestyle choices. The fact that she makes more than him, could even put additional strain on the relationship, as he comes across as more of a “take charge” kind of guy.

With Myrla’s history of domestic violence in her childhood home, any sign of anger or controlling behavior on his part, could really negatively affect and trigger her. This will likely be an issue for this couple as they try to move forward in a long-term relationship. Any sign of a domineering personality could cause Myrla to shut down or want out of the marriage completely. Gil does not seem like he is willing to take the backseat in his relationships.

With all these issues, we are going to put them all the way down to the bottom of the list, as our least likely to succeed couple.

Well there we have it, the MAFS couples listed from most to least likely to succeed based on the Matchmaker Special. Will these rankings change once the couples meet in person for the first time at their weddings? We will see very soon…

Married at First Sight Season 13 premieres on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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