MAFS Update: Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice officially divorced

Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice MAFS
Newlyweds Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice found cloudy days. Pic credit: Lifetime

The nightmare is finally over for Mindy Shiben. Almost a year since appearing on the hit Lifetime show Married at First Sight, the divorce papers have officially been signed.

The season based in Washington D.C. gave Mindy the short end of the stick when she was matched with the 32-year-old fitness professional.

While viewers thought Zach Justice proposing to Mindy at their first meeting at the altar was sweet, they quickly realized that wasn’t his true character.

The relationship went downhill

Although her family didn’t approve of the reality TV marriage, she entered the social experiment open-minded and ready to fall in love. However, that wasn’t the case with the match chosen for her.

Zach was a smooth talker and it’s clear the experts fell for who he portrayed himself as.

From refusing to move into the apartment together to emotionally cheating on her with one of her friends, he definitely wasn’t the type of participant the show needed to work.

Mindy called out Zach on social media for stalling the divorce to which he responded, “You’ve been trying? With what attorney and what papers? Please, don’t lie to these people for attention, it’s gross.”

After his portrayal on the show, fans saw that Zach clearly has a history of lying and fans weren’t buying that it was Mindy’s fault.

She made the announcement on Instagram

Mindy makes the announcement to her followers on Instagram. Pic credit: @mindy_shiben/Instagram

With the caption, “Could this day get any better?!?!?!,” she shared the news of the TV marriage divorce with fans on Instagram.

It was great timing because Mindy happened to be enjoying the fabulous beaches of Playa del Carmen when receiving the news.

On her own eat-pray-love journey, she recently made the major cross-continental move to Mexico.

Other than it being a short flight home, she noted, “I’ve always wanted to live near the beach, I love hot weather (like insanely hot), and I’m really excited to immerse myself in the culture.”

While she was a figure skating teacher in the states, she made the switch to teaching ESL in her new country.

When asked if she regretted her MAFS experience, she said, “Being on MAFS is life-changing and while I’m glad I did it, I don’t think it’s for everyone.”

Will you be following Mindy’s journey in Mexico?

Married at First Sight Atlanta returns in January 2021 on Lifetime.

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