MAFS fans accuse Ryan and Johnny of being ‘serial daters’, say they weren’t ready for marriage

MAFS Ryan looks unsure.
MAFS fans accuse Ryan of being a ‘serial dater.’ Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight Season 13 fans seem to have had it with this season’s husbands, Johnny and Ryan. Following the latest MAFS episode, the social media pages blew up with fans’ comments about Ryan and Johnny’s past ways and their relationships with their wives.

Married At First Sight Sight Season 13 husbands Ryan Ignosiack and Johnny Lam admit that they have done a lot of dating in their lifetime. Johnny even admits to having over 100 first dates under his belt while Ryan reveals having dated 50 women over the past three years.

While both men say they are single due to not wanting to settle and just not being able to find a good person, it seems fans do not agree with their assessment of their reasons for continued bachelorhood.

Johnny revealed that the reason for his high number of first dates, but his low number of relationships, is because if he finds out something about a woman he doesn’t like, there are always more potential matches and dates on a dating app. Basically, he can just move on to the next.

Many feel that might not be a good quality for a long-term partner to have and could be what is causing Johnny to struggle in his current relationship with Bao.

Married at First Sight fans call Ryan and Johnny ‘serial daters’

Fans accuse Johnny and Ryan of being “serial daters” and believe they won’t settle down because they cant. Fans feel that the two just weren’t ready for marriage and that putting them on this season of MAFS might have been a mistake.

Many took to social media to express how Johnny and Ryan’s high number of dates and short-term relationships, were major red flags for them not being ready to be matched.

Johnny admits he might not have been ready for marriage

In a recent MAFS episode, Johnny actually admitted he might not have been ready for marriage and that he might not have been prepared for his matchup with Bao.

Johnny also admitted that he would often end things immediately when he discovered something about a date he didn’t like. That would definitely explain why many fans feel he is being overly critical of his wife, Bao. If he has no experience working through issues or compromising, then marriage might be more difficult for him than most.

When on the honeymoon, Johnny revealed to Bao that he had been on over 100 first dates, she expressed her own concern that Johnny might not be ready for marriage. It seems her fears may have come true, as Johnny himself even agreed.

Ryan on the other hand admitted he would rather have been paired with a Victoria’s Secret model, which also caused fans to feel he might not have been ready for long-term commitment either.

While fans may not be sure about Johnny and Ryan’s readiness for marriage, they do seem sure about the two being serial daters. But the question remains, can the two reform their prior serial dater ways and become committed husbands? Judging from next week’s episodes trailers, it is questionable.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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