MAFS: Johnny admits he may not have been ready to marry Bao

Married at First Sight new husband Johnny admitted he might not have been ready to get married. Pic credit: Lifetime

The match of Bao and Johnny started off promising on the latest season of Married at First Sight, but the differences between the two have begun pouring in.

Despite sparking chemistry at their wedding, the honeymoon was a roller coaster and Johnny shocked fans by spending their monumental first night in their new home away from Bao.

Johnny has defended his attraction for his new wife in the past, but he recently admitted that he may not have been ready to marry Bao.

Johnny admits he may not have been ready to marry Bao

Johnny is someone who is no stranger to dating apps and he revealed to Bao that he was guilty of going on over one hundred first dates.

Dubbed “Life of the Picky Party”, he admitted whenever he found something he didn’t like in a partner, he would hop on his phone and find a new connection.

Johnny has said in the past that he felt an attraction toward his new wife. However, when fellow Houston husband Jose asked him about it, the IT project manager simply replied, “Somewhat.”

“I thought I was ready when I agreed to get married,” Johnny is seen telling producers in a confessional for an upcoming episode. “Maybe I wasn’t ready, and that’s hard to say.”

“Now I’m married to Bao and she’s **** because I’m a ****,” he added.

Gil also added his hot take on the situation and said, “Johnny might be so used to a certain type, that he doesn’t understand what’s good for him. The experts set them up for a reason, and Bao might be what he’s missing.”

However, for Bao, she already has a feeling that Johnny is folding under the pressures of their marriage. “I feel like he has some commitment issues,” she’s seen articulating in the preview.

She added, “It’s very disappointing for me to hear. I have been wondering, is he ready for marriage?”

Johnny spent the first night in their shared apartment away from Bao

What should’ve been an exciting day in their new home turned bitter when Johnny announced he was leaving after dinner.

After arguing about showering habits and a rocky honeymoon, Johnny felt emotionally drained and decided to spend a few nights away from his wife.

With them being only married for only a week and already seeking space away from each other, it’s clear there are some major compromises they need to make if they plan on staying together after Decision Day.

Tune into Married at First Sight to see how their story plays out.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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