MAFS: Johnny reveals he was ‘disappointed’ by Bao’s reaction to his gifts

Johnny reveals on the MAFS spin-off Unfiltered that Bao’s reaction to his gift before the wedding was disappointing. Pic credit: Lifetime

If there’s one thing that Bao didn’t want in her match on Married at First Sight, it was a sports fan.

Unfortunately for her, that’s the one thing she knew was true about her future husband since his gift to her before the wedding included not one, but two sports jerseys.

New match Bao and Johnny have been one of the couples that fans are already rooting for, but the first clue of her spouse had Bao questioning whether or not she was walking down the aisle.

It seems as if Bao was preoccupied with the idea of a sports fan as a future husband and missed Johnny’s intended message in his gift. Speaking on the MAFS spin-off Unfiltered with Jamie Otis, Johnny reveals he was disappointed by Bao’s reaction to his gifts.

Bao hoped her future husband wasn’t a sports fan

While Johnny was impressed with his future wife and her humor, the same couldn’t be said about Bao.

After reading the note Johnny included in his gift and realizing her mystery match was into sports, all Bao could say was, “I hope he’s not a bro.”

After unveiling the two jerseys, it’s clear she wasn’t happy.

“God, I hope he’s not the kind of guy that would, like, buy me power tools for our anniversary gift or some s**t,” she continued.

Equating an interest in sports with a lack of intellect, Bao tells her mom, “I work with some of the most brilliant minds in cancer research, I don’t know a single one that’s a huge sports fan.”

“I’ve dated people that are sports fans and it did not work out at all,” she concluded.

Johnny reveals he was ‘disappointed’ by Bao’s reaction to his gifts

On a recent appearance on Married at First Sight Unfiltered, Johnny explained to host Jamie Otis that he thought his gift was creative.

“The idea was she’s gonna be my person, right?” he justified. “And I want to be with her both home and away. So I wrapped one [gift] with an away jersey, and wrapped one with a home jersey, and then they’re both useful.”

“The home gift is a photo frame where we put up photos of ourselves and we hang it up in our place,” he continued. “And the away gift is for when we travel together, we can have noise-canceling headphones and then be able to sleep and whatever it is when we travel a bunch.”

While Jamie tried to defend Bao and explained it was mainly the fact that he was into sports, Johnny admitted that seeing her reaction was really disappointing. “Someone that is that quick to judge about something, like that’s not an attractive quality.”

Do you think Bao will get over the fact that her new husband is a sports fan this season?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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