MAFS: Viewers react to Johnny and Bao – the first couple to get married on new season

Bao wears earrings and a wedding dress while looking directly at the camera
Bao and Johnny capture fans attention. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13 has fans hopeful that this cast will be less of a train wreck than the previous cast of MAFS Season 12.

From the start, Bao and Johnny provoked the most intrigue out of all the couples, especially because it was revealed that the two had already met prior. We now know the mystery of exactly how Bao and Johnny’s paths crossed in the past, and, after seeing their first few moments as husband and wife, fans had a lot to say about the couple. 

Some fans think Bao and Johnny are the best match this season 

Both Bao and Johnny are self-proclaimed picky control freaks and prefer their lives to be quite orderly. Fans questioned if these shared traits would do more damage than good in their relationship, and throughout the premiere, the answer seemed to shift back and forth. 

Fans were endeared by Bao’s nerdy side and love for dresses with pockets. However, viewers also found it off-putting when Bao judged Johnny’s sports-inspired wedding gift and made the outlandish assumption that his passion for sports would automatically equate to a lack of intellect.

Meanwhile, fans really related to Johnny and his desire to receive the love and affection that he never had growing up from his mom and his dad, who was very disappointed in Johnny’s decision to be on Married at First Sight and allegedly declined to show up to his son’s wedding. 

Watching Bao and Johnny exhibit a similar lovable nerdy side, neatness, and commitment to family led fans to vocalize the potential they saw in the couple, with one commenter even believing that Bao and Johnny might be the only good match out of all five couples.

A tweet on Bao and Johnny being a good match
A fan believes Bao and Johnny are the only good match this season. Pic credit: @songbird501/Twitter

Bao and Johnny bond over their culture 

As the first Asian-American couple to ever feature on Married at First Sight, viewers loved seeing the two bond on a cultural level as well, especially considering they first met as presidents of their Vietnamese clubs back in college. A fan expressed finding it really sweet that Johnny and Bao both wanted to do a traditional cultural tea ceremony at their wedding.

A tweet about Bao and Johnny's tea ceremony
A viewer expresses really wanting Bao and Johnny to work. Pic credit: @thatssomika/Twitter

While Bao and Johnny received a lot of love for the cute chemistry they had at their wedding, some people still think their relationship only looks good on paper.

A critic gave their honest opinion, stating that Johnny and Bao’s rigidity could be more of an issue than they realize, and their marriage could be in trouble if they don’t compromise in this area. 

A tweet about Bao and Johnny making sense more on paper
A critic thinks Bao and Johnny potentially make more sense on paper than in real life. Pic credit: @seasonsofphilly/Twitter

Overall, a good amount of fans appear to be already rooting for Bao and Johnny to succeed and are excited to see how their unique love story unfolds. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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