Bao and Johnny on MAFS Season 13: Here’s what to know about the historic new couple

Johnny wears a deep red suit at the altar
Johnny looks shocked on his wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight always tends to have a couple that stands out right from the beginning and for MAFS Season 13, that couple is Bao and Johnny.

Bao and Johnny are both lovable nerds and fans are already rooting for them to succeed as the first Asian American couple in MAFS history. While the couple has the potential to make it and be a great match, they’re going to face a unique challenge right off the bat when they realize that they already know each other at the wedding.

Who is Bao?

Bao is a 35-year-old Administrative Director and the epitome of a Type A personality, living a strict and regimented life. Bao has passion for organization, extreme neatness, and spreadsheets, creating spreadsheets for even unexpected things like baked goods recipes. 

Bao signed up for Married at First Sight because she feels it’s finally time to find a husband. She wants a man who can make her laugh and be naturally charismatic like her celebrity crush Conan O’Brien, and her ideal man also would be nerdy since she considers herself to be a nerd. 

Along with being charismatic, Bao feels her husband absolutely must be family oriented and caring and demonstrate their love for her every day. 

Bao comes from a family of Vietnamese refugees who went through a lot of adversity before they became successful, and so she really values family and believes the resilience her family instilled in her will help her through this unconventional process. 

As close as Bao is to her family, she has not told her parents about her involvement with the Married at First Sight series. She feels her parents would be shocked because marrying a stranger is far out of risk-averse Bao’s comfort zone.

Bao adamantly wanted her MAFS husband be an actual stranger and not a man she already knows, so much so that she gave the experts a thoroughly extensive list of the men she knows and dated that she’d like the experts to avoid. 

Bao has dated multiple men in the past and three relationships almost led to marriage but she ended up dumping all those men. She knows she now needs to try something different, and Bao also knows that she needs a husband who is far more easygoing than her so that he can help her be less critical, demanding, and picky. 

Bao is very involved in the Asian community and felt that if she was paired with someone Asian she’d likely already have met them or know something about them. Bao’s concerns may prove valid, because, similar to Amelia and Bennett from MAFS Season 11,  it seems Bao does in fact know her MAFS husband and the verdict is still out on whether she is fond of him or not. 

Who is Johnny?

Johnny is a 35-year-old IT Project Manager with a heart of gold. The show nicknamed him the “Life of the Picky Party” because, similar to Bao, Johnny is extremely neat and adamant about finding a woman who prioritizes cleanliness. 

However, Johnny is also very fun and social, so he desires to have a wife that is witty, playful, and loves a good dad joke or pun. He hopes his wife will have a cute laugh that makes him always want to make her laugh and that she’ll also be the big spoon to his small spoon every now and then. 

Johnny signed up for Married at First Sight because he’s getting older and wants a woman who he can enjoy life with and retire early with too. 

The experts find Johnny to be an intelligent and successful guy who has a good heart but a guarded heart. Being a very in-control person, Johnny will have to work on his control issues in order to be as open-minded and communicative as he’d like his future wife to be. 

Bao is more on the shy side whereas Johnny is very outgoing, but both have a passion for success and came from humble beginnings. The experts believe that Bao and Johnny’s cultural similarities and desire to achieve could make them a power couple. 

Bao and Johnny appear to have similar strengths and flaws and it remains to be seen if that will work in their favor or contribute to their problems, either way Bao and Johnny are sure to have fans riveted.

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime 

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