MAFS spoilers: Johnny is already questioning his marriage to Bao, admits ‘honeymoon has been a rollercoaster’

Married at First Sight new husband Johnny is already questioning his marriage to Bao. Pic credit: Lifetime

While new couple Bao and Johnny have fans rooting for them on Married at First Sight, Johnny admits their honeymoon has been a rollercoaster.

Johnny admits the ‘honeymoon has been a rollercoaster’

First meeting as presidents of their Vietnamese club back in college, their paths crossed again when they were expertly matched to be married on the unique social experiment.

Johnny revealed that he was starting to grow feelings for his new wife but admitted his “honeymoon has been a rollercoaster.”

While they’ve had their ups in the relationship, Johnny explained, “There have definitely been a lot of downs, too.”

Despite both being very picky, in a teaser for an upcoming episode, Bao and Johnny realize they may have two very different versions of what it means to be neat.

“Showering every day was not my priority,” Bao is seen telling her husband.

It’s clear this doesn’t please Johnny as he snapped, “Then take a shower! Is that so hard, like, just rinse off?”

In the following clip, Johnny is seen to be telling nervous Bao, “This is usually the point where I start thinking, ‘Is this for me?'”

Johnny had previously revealed being a serial dater, sharing to Bao that’s he has been on over one hundred first dates.

MAFS alum Jamie Otis is known to add her opinion to the conversation and she took Bao’s defense, commenting, “I haven’t showered yet today… just saying.”

MAFS alum Jamie Otis comments on the shower situation. Pic credit: mafslifetime/Instagram

Johnny mentioned that an extensive hygiene regimen was very important to him, but even the experts agreed that his expectations could be too high.

Bao and Johnny have different love languages

While some fans feel Bao and Johnny are one of the best matches this season, a major difference between the new match is their love language.

Johnny is big on physical touch, while a more reserved Bao isn’t used to the constant affection. However, it was especially important for Johnny to feel this love from his partner because he felt he didn’t have that affection growing up from his mom and dad.

Despite both being self-proclaimed control freaks, Johnny and Bao will need to make some major compromising in order to make their marriage work.

Do you think Bao and Johnny will stay together after Decision Day?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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