Married at First Sight New Orleans update: Here’s who is still together and who split up

Married at First Sight New Orleans cast
The cast from Married at First SIght New Orleans. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight New Orleans Decision Day has passed and now we know for sure who stayed together and who called it quits during the longest MAFS filming in the history of the show.

Here’s an update on which of the five hopeful couples decided to stay married and which couples decided to get a divorce.

This was the longest season in Married at First Sight history lasting 16 weeks, an additional eight weeks past the normal Decision Day.

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The coronavirus pandemic brought filming to a halt midway through the season and the couples continued to film themselves during the quarantine.

Fans were anxiously awaiting the results of Decision Day and it was filled with some surprises, some teary eyes, and some broken hearts.

Amelia and Bennett

Decision Day began with the quirky adorable couple Amelia and Bennett who loved to write each other songs, build forts with comforters and tell funny bedtime stories.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that these two would say “Yes” as their connection was undeniable and the chemistry was almost instant.

Although Bennett had reservations about Amelia wanting to join Married at First Sight because she wanted to be on a reality show he ultimately said “Yes” and sealed the deal with a surprise tattoo of Amelia’s initials near his buttocks.

Of course, Amelia was blushing and completely shocked and of course she said “Yes” and the other couples decorate Amelia’s car as the two head off to Virginia for Amelia to start her residency.

Olivia and Brett

Olivia and Brett decided to end their marriage with a divorce before the season ended, at the tenth week of marriage.

Brett moved out of their apartment and back into his home during the pandemic and left Olivia with nothing but her cats. He even cleared out the food in the cabinets.

Olivia claimed to be unaware that he was moving but knew that he disapproved of her going to visit her family. When she returned, he was gone.

On Decision Day, the pair hadn’t seen each other since they split, but Brett continued to reach out and text things such as “Hey sweet wifey.”

There was clearly no reconciling this union as Olivia says he was an a**hole and she still didn’t know who he was and didn’t think he was genuine.

They both agreed to continue with the divorce and Brett is back on Tinder again.

Karen and Miles

Karen and Miles were one of the couples that fans were on the fence about whether they should stay together.

Many felt Karen was too reserved and wondered why be on a show if she wasn’t going to be open and vulnerable while Miles felt he was giving his all.

On Decision Day, Miles said that the extra weeks on the show are what allowed him to see another side of Karen and because of that, he said “Yes” and wants to stay married.

Karen agrees and she also wants to stay married. Many fans were shocked at this outcome because there still wasn’t much emotional or physical intimacy.

Christina and Henry

Christina and Henry just weren’t meant to be from the very beginning.

These two never hit it off and their opposite personalities led to Henry wanting the process to be over sooner rather than later. The pair even slept in separate beds for the last few weeks of the show.

Leading up to Decision Day, Christina said that she was still up in the air on her decision, but Henry’s mind was made up, especially after alleged texts that said he was sleeping with a male friend.

On Decision Day, Henry stood up for himself and let Christina know that her dishonesty was unbecoming and he acknowledged her apology but it will take a while for him to forgive her.

Henry told Christina he wanted a divorce and Christina agreed that a divorce was best but  that Henry is a great person and  she wanted to be friends.

Amani and Woody

The perfect fairytale story would have a picture of Amani and Woody next to it.

Woody had everyone, including the experts, teary-eyed as he never thought he would experience love like what he has and would be devastated if Amani wanted a divorce.

Amani assured him of the love she has for him and that she didn’t see any reason why they shouldn’t continue their marriage.

She did throw us for a loop when asked her decision she said, “I want a divorce,” but was only joking.

The experts even said couples like Amani and Woody are why this show exists.

Married at First Sight New Orleans has been of the fans’ favorite seasons so far. Best of luck to all the couples on their future journey.

Married at First Sight Atlanta returns in January 2021 on Lifetime.

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