Are Bennett and Amelia still together after Married at First Sight New Orleans season ends?

Amelia and Bennett at the altar. Pic credit: Lifetime
Amelia and Bennett at the altar. Pic credit: Lifetime

Lifetime’s hit show Married at First Sight: New Orleans introduced us to five couples hoping to find true love after only meeting at the altar for the first time.

This was the longest season in Married at First Sight history due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead of the usual eight weeks, this season spanned the course of four months.

Amelia, a student entering her residency to become a doctor, and Bennett, a theatre playwright and bike cab driver, became a fan favorite couple this season.

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At the altar, the pair realized that it actually wasn’t the first time the two had met. Coincidentally, the two had crossed paths in their social circles, and Bennett even changed a couple of his wedding vows last minute since Amelia technically wasn’t a total stranger.

Even though Amelia is very studious, she has a very creative side. She taught Bennett how to walk on a slackline, rides a unicycle, and even created a song dedicated to her love for Bennett.

Bennett has expressed this experience as “serendipitous and lovely,” a turn on for Amelia, who loves his vocabulary.

The two said they loved each other on a hike together after their one month anniversary.

Challenges for Amelia and Bennett

One of the initial challenges the couple face was where would Amelia have to move for her residency and whether Bennett would be willing to relocate for love.

When Amelia found out she was matched and would be continuing her residency in Virginia, Bennett agreed to split his time between New Orleans and Virginia to be with his wife.

Even during quarantine, the couple continued to fall more in love with each other.

Amelia initially wanted to be on Married at First Sight because she thought it would be cool to be on a reality television show, but realized that she did fall and love and wanted to be married.

The admission caused a bit of apprehension from Bennett, but the couple’s connection was undeniable.

Decision Day comes with a shocking surprise

Bennett expresses that he has a little surprise for Amelia and no one has a clue what it is.

When asked to give his decision, Bennett stood up and revealed a tattoo with Amelia’s initials on his butt.

So of course that means he is saying, “Yes” to be married to Amelia and she is stunned and speechless.

“I love you a lot, you now have my initials tattooed on your butt, of course I want to stay married,” Amelia gushingly expressed.

Dr. Pepper even said she knew this love was “fated” and they all toast with champagne to a “perfect marriage.”

The other couples decided to send Amelia and Bennett off by wrapping Amelia’s car with streamers and cans and everyone signed her car with a sweet message to encourage the couple on their new journey to Virginia.

Everyone was delighted that Amelia and Bennett both said “Yes” on decision day. All signs point to Amelia and Bennett sticking together, and we wish this couple continued happiness in their marriage.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.


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9 months ago

I truly wish them the very best. They complete each other.