Exclusive interview: Jordan Dean on portraying Prince Harry for Lifetime

The trouble with Harry is a long list if you ask some. But for actor, producer and writer, Jordan Dean, it was not just his uncanny resemblance to the estranged royal son of Prince Charles that helped him with the tricky role. Instead, it was the weight of Harry’s past and the duty to his


Girl in the Basement exclusive preview of Sara’s shock imprisonment, plus Judd Nelson on monster dad ‘Don’

Light spoilers Lifetime will air the ripped-from-the-headlines horror/thriller movie Girl in the Basement, premiering Saturday, February 27. This frightening film was produced by Big Dreams Entertainment and Swirl Films for Lifetime. Their producers, cast, and director attended the virtual Television Critics’ Association meeting last week. Together, they discussed the terrifying plot of the film, based


Marrying Millions: Who has the highest net worth?

When you are watching a reality show like Marrying Millions, with tons of wealthy people, it may be hard to put the amount of money that they have into perspective. The average person can only dream about the lavish lifestyles of the millionaires. Who has the highest net worth on Marrying Millions? According to Cheatsheet,