Brett shows off new woman, clarifies that Olivia is his ex-wife after Married at First Sight finale

Brett and Olivia MAFS
Brett has already moved on from “ex-wife” Olivia after MAFS New Orleans finale. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 11 premiered in New Orleans as the longest season in the show’s history due to the coronavirus pandemic that shut the United States down in March 2020.

The finale aired last week as Decision Day happened 16 weeks after the couples said “I Do” at the altar.

Although for one couple, Brett and Olivia, their marriage ended early at ten weeks as Brett decided to move back to his house while Olivia left to visit her mother.

He didn’t agree with her decision to visit people while the coronavirus was both a huge unknown and being widely spread. Brett left while she was away, taking literally everything with him from the apartment. All he left her was her wedding gift to him, which were two nice drinking glasses.

The two finally met again on Decision Day and Brett was very bubbly as Olivia had her guard up and quite frankly was done with his shenanigans. Married at First Sight viewers learned at the reunion that he was still randomly texting Olivia in recent weeks.

Fans knew there would be no reconciliation and they both agreed that divorce was best and many fans have called for her and Henry to be matched and start dating.

Brett shows off his new girlfriend on Halloween

From the first episode Brett prided himself on being a “ladies man” and a serial dater but wanted to somehow settle down with one woman.

Even at his bachelor party, he was hitting on Henry’s friend and many of the castmates questioned his motives and weren’t shocked by the outcome after the way he acted leading up to the marriage.

Well, it seems Brett has moved on as he posted a picture of his new girlfriend Brittany Sleeter in their Halloween costumes this past weekend.

Brett from MAFS with his new girlfriend Brittany
Brett shows off his new girlfriend after the Married at First Sight finale. Pic credit: Lifetime

Many fans were cheering on his new relationship and followers commented things such as “Glad to see you happy! Olivia was to uptight for you. Didn’t have much of a sense of humor.”

A fan asked, “How is dating going for you since the show ended?”

Brett replied, “Met at least one angel.”

In Brittany’s social media post she is seen wearing a white coat with her name on it along with Tulane School of Medicine on it. She is also a lover of cats. See any familiarities with Olivia…hmm?

Brett Lindsey's new girlfriend
Brett from Married at First Sight has already moved on from Olivia. Pic credit: Lifetime

MAFS cast shun Brett at the Grand Finale Reunion

Kevin Frasier hosted a reunion with the MAFS couples to get updates from everyone and see where each couple stood after Decision Day had come and gone and they were no longer filming.

All the MAFS New Orleans cast members were there in studio to film the finale except for Brett.

Brett was there virtually initially but decided not to participate with the entire cast at the end of the show.

When Kevin asked if any of the castmates still kept in touch with Brett. there was complete silence and then Woody said, “He would check in with him from time to time.”

Henry went on to condemn Brett’s behaviors and wished he was in attendance so he could say it to him directly. He also was in agreement that Olivia didn’t deserve that in her marriage.

Olivia said that she receives screenshots all the time of him matching with her friends on different dating apps such as Tinder.

Do you think Brett has found real love this time? Will he get married again?

Married at First Sight returns in January 2021 in Atlanta on Lifetime.

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