Married at First Sight: Meka hates breakfast, Brandon can’t get over Taylor’s Instagram post

Married at First Sight: Michael and Meka
Married at First Sight’s Michael and Meka on their one-month anniversary boat ride. Pic credit: Lifetime

The couples on Season 10 of Married at First Sight celebrated their one-month anniversaries and it’s a mixed bag of sweet, romantic moments and lies and deceit. Who will have a nice anniversary and who will have more heartache and pain?

Let’s find out

Breakfast, boat rides, and… more lies?

Michael made Meka a nice anniversary breakfast and explained to Meka why eating breakfast together means so much to him. There was a time when he used to cook breakfast every morning with his grandmother and those were very special memories for him.

Meka genuinely appreciated the gesture (and the sentiment behind it), but in the confessional, she admitted that she “hates breakfast” and hopes this doesn’t have to happen all the time.

Later, we see them in a limo driving to a marina. They’re all dressed up and going for a boat ride. They talked about looking forward to making more memories together and working on building a stronger foundation for their marriage.

When they got home, they enjoyed looking at their wedding album and video and then Meka gave him a gift. She said she knows how much he loves to wear suits and got him some fancy ties. He looked a little surprised by the gift and appeared caught off guard because he didn’t have something to give her.

He weirdly started looking at his phone and told her “my gift is…. um. well I wanted to…” —as he looks like he’s Googling for an answer or an idea — “a trip to Ocho Rios to do the Dolphin Discovery.”

Despite the awkward delivery of this information (gift) Meka was super-excited about this, because, as we know, she LOVES swimming with the dolphins and has mentioned that she would like to do it in as many different places as possible.

Great gift, Michael. Good job!

Or… did he LIE again and make that up on the spot? We think the latter. He probably felt planning their amazing date was his gift and wasn’t prepared to give her a physical gift, so when she surprised him with the ties, he felt like he had to come up with another something great to top it.

Well, at least Meka is happy for now. She saod it’s been a great anniversary and she’s happy they’re headed in the right direction.

Fingers crossed that Michael isn’t lying about the trip to Ocho Rios.

To apologize or not apologize… that is the question?

After some time apart, Brandon and Taylor each got their own box of memories from the experts with wedding photos, a video, and copies of their wedding vows.

Taylor watched the video and commented, “maybe if we both try; we can get somewhere positive.”

Brandon looked at the photos and reminisced a bit on the happy moments and then brought up the “disgusting” IG story video again. He said he knows that he’s not going to get an apology from Taylor because she doesn’t think she did anything wrong – or at least won’t own up to it.

Taylor reached out to Brandon via text and asked if they could meet up. He agreed to meet her at a day spa, where apparently, they were getting their nails done. I guess Taylor was trying to figure out a way to get her nails done and pretend to try making up with Brandon at the same time. She didn’t have time for both.

It was tense between them, to say the least, and then Taylor gave Brandon a card. He opened it and there was a half-assed apology written in it. Although he appreciated that she finally said she was sorry, he thought it was all for show and still doesn’t believe she means it.

Taylor proceeded to ask him questions, pushing for answers about the future of their relationship and mentioned that they need to work on their “friendship.” She asked, “Do you want to be friends?” and he flat out said “No. I want to get on with my life and move forward.”

She asked, “are we done” and he said, “I don’t know.”

She said she’s “offered her peace” and Brandon left.

Brandon called Taylor a narcissist that can’t own up to her mistakes. He reminded us that he has made many mistakes but that he has owned up to every one of them and tried to work on his behavior and make compromises every step of the way.

He truly believes Taylor is only on the show for some camera time to build her personal brand online.

What a shame. Under different circumstances, these two could’ve been a great match.

Will Derek ever fall in love?

When we first saw Katie, she was in the confessional talking about how she told Derek she wants to keep her townhouse. That didn’t go over well with Derek.

She explained that she feels like she worked hard for a long time to have the things she has in life and isn’t ready to give up her townhouse without knowing what the future hold for their marriage. That seems reasonable, but I also understand how Derek could take that as a poor indicator of Katie’s intentions moving forward.

She also mentioned the never being in love issue again, which is disappointing because we thought she was ready to let that go. They got into a heated argument that ended with Derek telling her “no offense, but fu*k you.” Not good, Derek. Not good at all. Katie feels disrespected now.

Later, they were out for drinks, they talked things out, both apologized to each other, and they made up.

They talked about dreams and Derek asked Katie what her dreams are (besides marriage and kids). She didn’t have a lot to say but did eventually say that she wants to do more traveling.

Derek then started rattling off his various dreams and bucket list items, and it’s funny as heck. He says he’s always wanted to build a giant treehouse, which Katie thinks is “really cool.”

He mentioned he wants to go on a bunch of backpacking trips, skydive in the tropics, and just live life. He also said he wants to compose a Christmas song. What? Where the heck did that idea come from? Derek’s wonderful, beautiful, dreamer mind, that’s where. Got to love this guy…

Derek then told Katie that he had a special gift for her — two tickets to see her favorite artist in Nashville for the weekend. She was wonderfully surprised and blown away that Derek did that for her.

He mentioned that he has some other things back at the house for her.

Back at their apartment, there was a cute setup with rose petals and pillows and blankets on the floor. This was a wonderful surprise after the tense conversation they had earlier. Derek then showed her that he had a bunch of family photos framed for their apartment. He reached out to her family and his to get all the photos. She was in awe at how sweet and thoughtful this was and teared up a little bit.

Derek said he wants to be a romantic husband. “I want her to feel special… What’s the point of marriage if it’s not supposed to make you happy?”

A little later, we saw them in a romantic bubble bath together with wine and chocolate-covered strawberries. “Thank you for making today perfect,” Katie said.

Derek feels like they had a reset, that they connected and made some progress.

A solid first month.

Married at First Sight: Katie and Derek
Married at First Sight’s Katie and Derek’s one-month anniversary. Pic credit: Lifetime

Two peas in a pod

Jessica comes home from the gym and Austin had roses, a bottle of wine, and an awesome, goofy gift waiting for her. It’s a bucket for making a keepsake hand mold.

She was a little taken back by the weird gift but appreciated his thoughtfulness and was up for doing this craft project together. They did the hand mold and it turned out to be a lot of fun and much cooler than she expected.

Later, they got all dressed up and had a romantic dinner together. They looked through all their wedding memories and both agree that they didn’t expect this experiment to go so smoothly and that they would be so comfortable with each other after just one month.

They were both tired when they got home and went directly to bed. We know these two aren’t big on the PDA in front of the cameras, so we know what going “to bed” means… Have fun guys.

Jessica said in the confessional that their “first month was good and we’re seeing a future together.” She did mention the “I love you” words again and wished he would say it to her because she desperately wants to say it to him. She said it “would have been a perfect way to end the night.”

Just shill out, Jessica. You were lucky to be matched with a great guy who bends over backward every day to make you happy. Appreciate what you’ve got and be patient.

You’re both happy.

It will come.

Married at First Sight: Austin and Jessica
Married at First Sight’s Austin and Jessica’s one-month anniversary. Pic credit: Lifetime

Old news, old friends and new lies?

Zach still hasn’t moved in with Mindy and we’re wondering what their anniversary is going to look like. Mindy was at the ice skating rink and Zach stopped by. It looked like he’s going to finally spend some time with her “in her element.”

Zach laced up and they skated. Mindy was teaching him some moves, and it looked like he was having a good time with the various challenges.

Zach said, “This is fun, Mindy” and it felt genuine.

Married at First Sight: Mindy and Zach
Married at First Sight’s Mindy and Zach ice skating on their one-month anniversary. Pic credit: Lifetime

Later, they went out to eat and Mindy started asking some serious questions about his commitment to the process. She told him that it would be nice if he would stay the night with her.

He didn’t have anything to say to that and she reminded him that she has embraced her vows and promises and has wholeheartedly given everything she has to the relationship.

Mindy said that she feels like he hasn’t tried at all and that it feels like a slap in the face. She asked what his deal was: “Do you have a girlfriend? Are you Gay?”

He chuckled and said, “neither.”

Zach flipped the scrip on Mindy and said, “You say you have put in an honest effort and feel like you’ve been robbed of the experience, but you haven’t been completely honest with me.”

She has no idea what he could possibly be talking about.

She asked him to explain and he refused. She practically begs him to tell her what he’s talking about. All he says is that she is “hiding something,” that he has “seen it” and that “your friends knew about it” but does not elaborate further. Mindy is frustrated and confused.

Not a great start to their anniversary.

Later, we saw Mindy at home alone, looking through their wedding album. She called Zach and invited him over.

She asked him again what he was talking about earlier and asked him to please give her some details about what it is that he thinks she’s been hiding.

She asked if he has been in contact with any of her friends and he admitted that he has been communicating with her friend Lindsay. Shortly after their wedding, Lindsay reached out to him on Instagram and then they eventually exchanged phone numbers.

He explained that they were talking about her and the problems they were having, saying he was seeking help from her. He said they have only spoken on the phone once and the last time he talked/texted Lindsay was “about three days ago.”

Mindy was pissed. It’s not okay to have a friendship with her friend behind her back. “You could have mentioned it,” she said, and he admitted that he should have.

Zach left and Mindy called Lindsay. She told her, “It’s been a super f***ed up few days.” She then told Lindsay that she found out that she’s been texting and talking to Zach. Lindsay owned up to it right away and sounded super upset about the situation she had gotten herself in.

Mindy asked when the last time was that she was in contact with Zach. She said, “He texted me this morning.” Rut roh… Zach said it had been a few days.

She then told Mindy that they have spoken on the phone more than once and that their conversations were not always about her and their relationship. She says they “were building a friendship outside of talking about the relationship.”

She asked Lindsay to send her a screenshot of the text Zach sent her that morning, and Lindsay told her that she has deleted all texts from Zach and has no interest in talking to him again.

Mindy said, “Why don’t you block his number?”

“I will as soon as we get off the phone. I think he’s a liar and a sociopath.” She replied.

Mindy didn’t know what to think about all of this. “Somebody’s lying. Someone’s f***ing lying to me.”

As if Mindy and Zach didn’t have enough obstacles to deal with, now all this crap is happening. Poor Mindy. I seriously doubt Zach has anything on her. He probably made all of that up just to take some of the heat off himself.

There doesn’t seem to be any hope at all for this marriage.

The next episode of Married at First Sight will be recommitment day — where the couples will have to meet with the experts, answer tough questions, and, hopefully, own up to their mistakes and forgive each other.

Will Brandon show up?

Will we finally find out what Mindy’s been hiding from Zach?

Tune in to find out.

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