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Malia White reflects on her Below Deck Med stints

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Malia White looks back at her time on the show.
Malia recalls having a chip on her shoulder during Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean, Pic credit: Bravo

Malia White has reflected on her three seasons on Below Deck Mediterranean, including what made her apply for the hit yachting show.

Fans were introduced to Malia on Season 2 of the Below Deck spin-off when she was a green deckhand. After working her way up in the yachting world, Malia returned for Season 5 as a bosun. She did a second stint as bosun on Below Deck Med Season 6, forming one of the closest deck team bonds in the franchise’s history.

While many Below Deck cast members don’t work in the yachting industry all the time, Malia has made a career out of it. Malia often shares glimpses of her life as a yachtie on social media, including reuniting with one of her Season 6 pals on a yacht recently.

As fans anxiously await Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 and wonder if Malia will return, she’s looking back at her time on reality television.

Below Deck Med alum Malia White reflects on her time on the show

On the premiere episode of her new podcast, Total Ship Show, Malia admitted she had a chip on her shoulder during her first season.

“I was very reactive and very flirtatious. And I had a big chip on my shoulder like, I’m here to prove myself,” she shared.

Malia also admitted she had a lot of growing up to do. She reminded her listeners she was only 25-years-old during Season 2, which focused on her love triangle with Adam Glick and bosun Wesley Walton.

“I was 25 during my first season, and I still had a lot of growing up to do, I think. As you can tell with my first season, my little love triangle,” Malia said.

The yachtie also revealed she applied for the show following a backpacking trip after college. Malia was sure what she wanted to do with her life but knew she wanted something different.

A day of binge-watching The Amazing Race with a friend got Malia interested in applying for reality television competition shows. It wasn’t long before Malia came across Below Deck looking for crew members.

An avid scuba diver, Malia became intrigued and drunkenly filled out an application. The rest, as they say, is history.

Malia wants Below Deck Mediterranean fans to know she’s a real yachtie

One of the reasons Malia started a podcast was to give Below Deck fans an insight into the real yachting world. She’s on the yachting path and wants to shine a light on the industry, especially for women.

“What you see on Bravo is me, the real me. I’ve grown up a bit, and I want to share my passion for this industry because a few of the Below Deck people don’t continue to work in the industry, or they do Below Deck as their way out of the industry. That’s not my story. Below Deck was my way into the industry, and I want to make this a career,” the reality TV star spilled.

Malia White from Below Deck Med says she has grown up a lot since her first appearance on the show. As she gets into more leadership roles in her career, Malia doesn’t have a big chip on her shoulder anymore.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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