MAFS viewers react to Erik as he gives Virginia ultimatums

Erik Lake is losing fans on Married at First Sight as he gives his new wife Virginia Coombs ultimatums. Pic credit: Lifetime

While most thought the age gap between Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake would be the demise of their match on this season of Married at First Sight, fans are starting to think Erik may simply be the problem.

Although the new couple recently celebrated their one-month anniversary, with only four weeks left in the experiment – the pressures of decision day are on.

Settling into their daily lives, the newly wedded strangers are finally understanding what a future with their new spouse is actually like.

Erik and Virginia clash over their dogs

This is the first season where all the brides are bringing dogs into their new relationships.

While most of the husbands are adjusting to the dog dad role, Erik and Virginia clearly have different teaching styles when it comes to their pets.

While Erik is already an owner to his dog Tex, he claimed Virginia’s dog Rocky needed manners.

Admitting he gets annoyed with Rocky from time to time, Erik explained, “We consider our dogs our kids, so, you know, I think it’s a good start to see how we work together in that.”

However, Erik’s tips felt condescending and caused Virginia to get defensive.

In the middle of a heated argument regarding her pup, Erik told Virginia, “He’s half mine now, Whether you like it or not. Unless you want to end this right now.”

“I get defensive when you act like Tex is perfect,” she told him. “You do act like he’s, like, God’s gift to dogs and, like, Rockie’s s**t.”

It’s clear there are miscommunications as Erik is upset with Virginia calling Rocky her dog rather than their animal to parent together.

“I know how much you love that dog. But you – like, you tell me things, like, you don’t trust me with him and, like, you don’t make me feel like I’m, like, a father figure,” Erik explained. “Like you throw this wall up and you turn into some that, ‘This is mine,’ and you make me feel like that.”

Viewers were shocked by Erik’s ultimatums

Erik definitely has a fan base this season but after the latest episode, viewers were shocked by the hasty ultimatums he threw on his new wife.

Virginia has told Erik repeatedly that she has abandonment issues due to growing up with divorced parents, so these ultimatums triggered major anxiety and forced her to leave the room.

Its clear fans are seeing Erik’s behavior as a red flag.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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