MAFS viewers praise Chris Collette for accusing Alyssa Ellman of gaslighting

Chris Collette
Chris Collette receives support from MAFS viewers. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 14 has their frontrunner for the most troubled couple of the season. 

While viewers see red flags in several members of the MAFS Season 14 cast, it’s the marriage between Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman that appears the most doomed. 

As Alyssa shared during the latest episode, she and Chris’ relationship has been rocky from the second they met, largely due to Alyssa’s firm belief that they aren’t compatible and her lack of attraction to Chris. 

Despite Alyssa clearly being unattracted to Chris, she has continually tried to suggest that her issues go beyond looks and instead are rooted in her feeling disrespected by Chris and turned off by his friends’ describing him as condescending. 

With Alyssa continually aiming to make Chris feel like he’s done something wrong, Chris has expressed feeling like she’s gaslighting him, which is a term describing psychologically manipulating someone into questioning themselves and their sanity. 

MAFS viewers agreed with Chris’ assessment of Alyssa’s gaslighting and praised him for being able to identify that he’s being manipulated and mistreated. 

MAFS viewers proud of Chris Collette for calling Alyssa Ellman out 

As the season goes on, MAFS viewers are vocalizing their dislike of Alyssa Ellman more and more while lifting up Chris and the way he is handling this challenging situation. 

One Married at First Sight viewer tweeted, “The fact that Chris can identify when he is being gaslighted is impressive! We love that for him!” 

Another MAFS fan commented, “Chris calling Alyssa’s nasty a** out on her bs! Exactly. Get her a**!” 

A MAFS viewer praised Chris’ proper use of the gaslighting term writing, “For once someone uses the term gaslighting correctly. Yes Chris, she is gaslighting you.”

A MAFS fan shared, “Chris recognizing he’s being gaslit and knowing his worth >>>.”

Another Married at First Sight viewer, wrote “Chris just telling the dang on truth and Alyssa can’t handle it now. Okay girl.” 

MAFS viewers aren’t buying Alyssa’s excuses for checking out of the marriage 

MAFS viewers didn’t hold back in calling Alyssa out for her unreadiness to be married, with many also suggesting that Alyssa is not being upfront about her true issues. 

One MAFS fan shared, “Chris hit it right on the nose…ALYSSA DIDN’T GET WHAT SHE WANTED SO NOW SHE’S BEING A BRAT!!” 

Another MAFS fan tweeted, “Alyssa doesn’t want Chris to talk about the situation because she knows it makes her look bad. She’s trying to spin the narrative but WE’RE NOT HAVING IT, GIRL!”

Overall one comment summed up the sentiment many MAFS viewers share when they tweeted, “Justice for Chris. He deserves better.”

As the season goes on, do you think Chris and Alyssa will ever be able to find some common ground and salvage their marriage?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.