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MAFS viewers slam Alyssa for her behavior after she made it clear that Chris wasn’t her type

Alyssa Ellman
Alyssa Ellman receives backlash from MAFS fans. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 14 has officially shown all the weddings and one bride has already begun to rub MAFS viewers the wrong way.

Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette were the last to get married and, from the sour way their wedding ended, it looks like they could be the first to call it quits from the cast as well.

Alyssa’s behavior at the wedding has been deemed ‘cold’ and ‘stuck up’ after she so clearly was turned off by Chris. 

After Alyssa seemingly walked away from the wedding to spend the night alone, MAFS viewers sounded off with their irritation over her behavior and even accused her of ‘gaslighting.’ 

MAFS viewers question Alyssa Ellman’s readiness for marriage 

Alyssa Ellman’s disapproval of Chris led MAFS viewers to point out Alyssa’s own flaws and question why the experts chose her for this experiment where being open-minded is so key. 

One MAFS viewer wrote, “Alyssa, a serial dater with 10 backup wedding dresses who’s super picky and puts importance to physical attraction…the experts thought she was a good candidate to be #MarriedAtFirstSight?!?” 

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  1. I believe Allysa walked down the aisle alone because she wanted ALL attention on her. Superficial. Did not want her parents to enjoy the moment. (I’d happily “give her away”) The moment Chris was talking abt horses. “Oh, you’re going to buy me a horse” Really?? I believe the only thing that matters to Allysa is looks and $$, not love or personality, which her monotone voice doesnt have. And when the bestfriends asked her, “what was your 1st thought when you seen Chris”? I thought the show was going to end before she gave an answer. Not a fan of Alyssa at all.

  2. I didn’t care for Alyssa in the beginning either. She’s got this list of requirements for a man and if he has any even just 1 she’s out. If I was Chris I’d walk away now! He seems to be a really good guy

  3. She is a pompous b***h. Her new husband may not be her type, but his low can you go brat. I was waiting for her to stomp her feet. Hubby should walk. He can do better !

  4. I hope the producers gave Chris the room with the roses and champagne. How embarrassing and humilating for Chris to sit outside the door on his wedding night. She did not deserve the bridal suite at all.

  5. I think Alyssa has already written Chris off. Their situation is only going to get worse. She’s so shallow, all she cares about is a person’s looks not the kind of person they are on the inside. I have no idea what the experts were thinking when they picked her for the show. Funny thing is she’s not exactly a goddess herself and definitely not a nice person!

  6. Chris, if she wants to go—do yourself the favor now. Let her. I knew all I needed to know about her when she didn’t let her dad give her away. Even if she said he couldn’t walk that far, there were ways to give him that moment. What a brat and not all she thinks she is. Chris deserves better.

  7. Alyssa makes me nervous and disgusted. She is HARD to watch; her behavior is so vile toward a beleaguered Chris. The poor guy is doing everything humanly possible to draw her in to the activities of the show. He has been patient as a saint with her. I HOPE she leaves the show soon, it is not fun to watch her NASTY behavior. She’s going out of her way to exclude and ignore Chris. She’s NOT a nice person, and has no compassion nor empathy for others. She may rescue dogs, but that doesn’t give her the right to human cruelty. She’s ruining a decent person’s hopes, and joy on national TV. He even agreed to ” be friends” and continue onward, toward some kind of common ground; but her GOAL is annihilation of his character and personality. It is NOT entertaining to watch.

    • You are absolutely right! She makes my stomach turn. I don’t know what the experts were thinking and frankly think it’s just about adding that drama but this is too far. I can understand if the couple knew and was in on this mismatch for the dramatic content but I don’t believe she is or can be that good of an actress. She is a narcissist and is making stuff up just to justify that she was not attracted to him. She cares too much about what the picture looks like and doesn’t want to appear to be “mean” or hurt someone’s feelings!! ALYSSA, grow up! Leave the show because you do not deserve one ounce of attention especially when you act like a toddler.

  8. Chris, know you’re a catch!!

    I am still watching because I like the advice that the therapists give BUT, I hope Chris gains something positive from this experience and that MAFS does right by him and gives him another match. That was just wrong.

    • I agree. For the first time in the show’s history nullify the marriage to the wicked witch and give him the chance to marry at first sight AGAIN….. MAFS is clearly to blame on this one!


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