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MAFS: Alyssa Ellman storms off Afterparty set when asked why she signed up for the show

Alyssa Ellman in a wedding dress
Alyssa Ellman becomes fed up with questioning on Afterparty. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight may have changed the name of its after-show, but new host Keshia Knight Pulliam is still asking the unfiltered question that audiences most want to know. 

Alyssa Ellman made her first appearance on Afterparty and Keshia did not hold back in asking her honest questions about her feeling towards her husband Chris Collette and her perplexing approach to the Married at First Sight process. 

After a series of inquisitive questions, Alyssa became fed up and abruptly walked off the set. 

Alyssa Ellman gets put in the hot seat on Afterparty 

One of Keshia’s first few questions addressed the elephant in the room, as she directly asked Alyssa if she is attracted to Chris. Alyssa responded by simply saying that he is not her type. 

As Alyssa kept her answers rather vague, Keshia pointed out that she kept speaking in generalizations and beckoned her to be more upfront with her feelings.

Alyssa opened up about how she could not get over Chris’ friends describing him as condescending and disrespectful of others’ thoughts and feelings. 

Alyssa revealed that she had been in a relationship with a condescending person in the past and she described that past relationship as very scary, traumatic, and toxic. 

Keshia asked if Alyssa ever told Chris about her toxic past relationship and Alyssa admitted that she didn’t tell him about her past, only that his actions bothered her.

Keshia also questioned if Alyssa ever took a step back to consider Chris’ feelings and how he may have been left in the dark since he wasn’t aware of her past triggers, and Alyssa felt she had taken him into consideration. 

Keshia shared she was ‘drilling down’ on Alyssa because most of Alyssa’s issues with Chris seemed rooted in hearsay. 

After Olajuwon and Mark spoke highly of Chris on the after-show and Keshia again confronted Alyssa for not wanting Chris to tell her family and friends the raw truth about their wedding night, Alyssa became visibly emotional.

Alyssa continued to reiterate that her feelings on the situation haven’t changed and she still felt she was disrespected by Chris airing out their confidential conversations. 

Olajuwon Dickerson calls out Alyssa Ellman

Keshia asked Alyssa why she would sign up for this show since a part of the process is sharing the journey publicly. 

Alyssa responded bluntly, claiming she was trying to be respectful. 

It appears the final straw for Alyssa was when Keshia expressed, “I guess the viewers are just gonna have to watch the show and you know kind of form their own observations as a result of what has been shown” adding that she was hoping Alyssa would use this platform to give her side of the story. 

Upon hearing this, Alyssa wiped away her tears and stormed off the set as she declared that she was walking away from this conversation. 

Olajuwon then succinctly summarized what he thinks Alyssa’s real issue is. 

Olajuwon stated, “Straight up this is all bulls**t. I think she got married, she wasn’t attracted to him. The fact that you had his friends, his corny a** friends come over and say some corny s**t to you. You indulged in it because it was a leeway to get out.” 

What do you think of Olajuwon’s assessment of Alyssa Ellman?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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  1. I totally agree with Olajuwon. She was looking for a way out and she just followed what she heard instead of the facts. It is MAFS aftercall. She could try to follow the process and hopefully fall in love. She is purposely trying to sabotage the marriage without even trying. Very DISRESPECTFUL.

  2. She should be FIRED NOW!!! She reminds me of Zach Justice from season 10!!! Let’s stop this before we go thru all the BS like Zach dragged us thru! We already know where this is headed, PLEASE!!!

  3. Just fire them now. All this drama and I know why you have continued it because people watch this including me. Very poor decision to have these two get married. She is a b***h and he is just not someone that no would be attracted to. There is plenty of drama with the other couples you don’t have to keep it going between these two. I cant even watch these two.

  4. Alyssa thinks more if herself than she should! She has a chin jawline that Chris has overlooked when calling her beautiful! I am not surprised she is alone and most likely will be for life! I am not sure why the experts haven’t weighed in yet since it has been nothing but downhill since I do! This type of drama makes me not want to watch the show anymore, people getting matched with difficult people like her

  5. Alyssa was called out as the phony she is. She is NOT attracted to a Chris and she doesn’t want to be the bad guy….but she is. Olijahwon got it so right!

  6. Alyssa needs to get over herself. I knew she would be a difficult person having already purchased 10 wedding dresses. I’m mean really, who really does that?
    IMO, Chris is way too good for her. Hang in there, Chris, the right one will find you!!!

  7. Send her home. She is not ready to share a space with anyone yet., she is still traumatized by her last relationship it seems. Chris doesn’t deserve this mess. I think all the people that have come on the show with good intensions should have the opportunity to mingle with others of life mindedness.

  8. Boot her out… She is very, very superficial & narcissistic… Otherwise why is her family constantly saying “just give her space” she must be a “fit thrower”…
    Chris is being tortured, and he’s way way too nice for Miss Priss!!!
    How she thinks she is being respectful is beyond me!!!

  9. Please get rid of Alyssa. I can’t even watch how she’s tormenting her husband and then she turns around and blame him. She’s on the show for all the wrong reasons.

  10. Alyssa is NOT A GOOD PERSON. She’s selfish, narcissistic, and completely rude. Why did she come into this show? Her own mother told her to be nice and stop whining. She doesn’t deserve Chris. Alyssa is spoiled to the point she may never experience a true trusting partnership. She will die alone someday as she’s blaming everyone else for her despicable existence.

  11. We are just now watching the end of the honeymoon episode and we are boggled by this woman!!! I must have yelled at the tv “bitch” 30 times last night. I hate her! She is the rudest, most hateful, inconsiderate, spoiled, narcissistic, lying, conniving, deceitful, selfish, b***h. I can’t believe she fooled the experts to get a spot on here. Let’s face it, even if she would have got someone who looked like her type, it wouldn’t have worked. Everyone sees through this woman. I wish her a lifetime of loneliness.


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