MAFS stars Bao and Zack have called it quits following cheating rumors

Zack and Bao on Decision Day
Zack and Bao’s relationship comes to a tumultuous end. Pic credit: Lifetime

Bao and Zack’s short-lived relationship has officially come to a rocky end. 

Bao and Zack already had rough relationships while married to their spouses during Married at First Sight Season 13 and it seems the relationship they had with each other afterward was even more of a dramatic roller coaster. 

With tons of rumors, accusations, and scandals surrounding their relationship and Zack’s involvement with other women, Bao and Zack have understandably decided to go their separate ways. 

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Bao and Zack’s relationship started off hopeful 

One of the more surprising developments from Married at First Sight Season 15 was Bao and Zack striking up a romance after the show. 

It initially seemed no one in the cast would find love through the show since pretty much every couple had split in some form by the time of the MAFS reunion. However, Bao and Zack seemed to be the one chance for a success story to come out of the season. 

During the Where Are They Now special, viewers gained some insight into the friendship Bao and Zack had formed, as they often enjoyed playing pool together with fellow MAFS Season 13 castmate Ryan. 

Zack gushed about Bao and how he loved her giddiness as opposed to her ex-husband Johnny Lam who was turned off by that aspect of Bao’s personality. 

During one of their pool outings, Zack asked Bao on a date and she agreed as she admitted she’d grown fond of him since becoming friends.

Their first dinner date was documented and it seemed the two were on the same page about seriously dating each other and being exclusive. During the MAFS cast getaway, Zack even indicated to Bao that he would only be focused on her and the two seemed happy to explore a relationship as more than friends. 

Bao and Zack’s relationship wasn’t as exclusive as it seemed 

It appeared Zack and Bao were in an exclusive relationship, with the two being spotted out together often and Zack attending Bao’s divorce party as well as a holiday gathering with Bao’s family and friends. 

However, that all changed when cosmetology student, Elena Guevara, came forward and accused Zack of having a sexual relationship with her while he was dating Bao. Elena provided several text receipts and interviews to share her side of the story and expose Zack for cheating on Bao with her and allegedly with other women as well. 

Zack’s cheating scandal had MAFS fans buzzing and feeling understandably concerned for Bao and how she’s doing after having to publicly experience two hurtful failed MAFS relationships.

Zack and Bao had been fairly private amidst the scandal but it’s now known that the two are no longer trying to make their relationship work and have split. 

Zack and Bao haven’t been very active on Instagram since the official news of their split, so time will tell if they choose to publicly and directly address all the drama surrounding their breakup. 

Married at First  Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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