MAFS rumors: Zack accused of cheating on Bao after mystery woman exposes him

Zack Freeman in a suit
Zack Freeman has been in serious hot water after alleged cheating scandal. Pic credit: Lifetime

Zack Freeman’s drama on Married at First Sight Season 13 is starting to pale in comparison to the mess he’s in post-show.

After a tumultuous marriage with Michaela Clark, the pair ultimately chose to divorce and cut contact with one another. 

Zack then struck up a relationship with fellow divorced co-star Bao, even capturing their first date on film for the Where Are They Now special. 

News broke that Zack and Bao were dating, and MAFS fans were split with some loving that they were exploring a romantic connection and others feeling skeptical about the whole situation. 

It seems the skeptics may have had a point, as Zack is now being accused of cheating on Bao with a woman in her early 20s who resides in Texas. 

There’s been plenty of discussions, allegations, and new developments that have unfolded since this woman came forward in an attempt to expose what she claims are Zack’s true colors. 

We’ve compiled the receipts that have been shared thus far. Here are the details surrounding this alleged cheating scandal. 

Zack Freeman’s text exchanges with the mystery woman are unveiled 

The woman, who has come forward about her sexual relationship with Zack that allegedly overlapped with his dating relationship with Bao, shared plenty of screenshots to Reddit in an effort to back her claims. 

In one screenshot, the woman shows that Zack followed her on Instagram, suggesting Instagram is how she first connected with him. 

Elena's followers
Pic credit: u/eghtx/Reddit

In a series of text exchanges between her and Zack, she provided some insight into their relationship. In the first two text screenshots, she shows some of her and Zack’s first conversations, getting to know each other and planning a date. 

In the next two text screenshots, their relationship appears to have been taken to a different level as the two gushed about how perfect they find each other to be and even had conversations that are quite sexual in nature. 

Ironically, the woman writes, “There’s not a lot of genuine guys out there, and I don’t think u have any bad intentions, I don’t think u would hurt me” and Zack replies, “Nope! I’m a pretty honest guy.” 

Elena and Zack text thread
Pic credit: u/eghtx/Reddit

Bao is made aware of Zack’s outside relations 

The woman Zack was allegedly involved with learned that Zack was also seeing Bao and she decided to send a message to Bao in her DMs. 

The woman wrote, “Girl please tell me u aren’t dating Zack. I was just sleeping with him.” 

Bao responded by asking for proof and the woman proceeded to share that she had text screenshots and offered to send them over. The woman also stated that Zack told her that he wasn’t dating anyone and she feels terrible. 

Bao and the woman also had an over-the-phone talk, seemingly to discuss the situation further. 

Bao's DMs
Pic credit: u/eghtx/Reddit

Finally, the woman shared a text screenshot of her confronting Zack for allegedly not being upfront, using her, and not informing her that he was dating someone else. 

Zack and Elena's text messages
Pic credit: u/eghtx/Reddit

As the woman continues to take interviews and publicly share her side of the story, MAFS fans have also shared their thoughts on the matter in droves, and even some MAFS stars have thrown in their two cents as the situation just gets messier and messier. 

Zack and Bao have not publicly addressed the scandal yet, but they have stopped following each other on Instagram, which is a telling sign. 

If the rumors are true, it certainly is disappointing to see this behavior unfold and for several women to be hurt in the process of dealing with what appears to be a manipulator. Odds are there’s likely even more drama ahead for this relationship and the MAFS Season 13 cast. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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