Zack Freeman looks cozy in holiday photo with Bao and her family — New MAFS relationship still going strong

Zack and Bao laugh
Zack Freeman seems to be fitting in well with Bao’s family. Pic credit: Lifetime

In a rare Married at First Sight moment, the strongest couple of MAFS Season 13 appears to be a couple that wasn’t even matched by the experts in the first place. 

After having the most challenging relationships of the season, Bao and Zack divorced their MAFS spouses and ended up finding something special with one another. 

Now that the show is over and Bao and Zack are able to live their lives more freely and publicly, MAFS fans are getting insight into how close the couple has become, with one particular holiday picture is really standing out. 

Bao Huong Hoang’s family and friends seem to approve of boyfriend Zack Freeman 

Bao shared a post reflecting on her Married at First Sight experience and thanking her support group of family and friends for getting her through the emotionally taxing experience. 

Bao’s caption read, “Less than a year ago, I took the biggest risk of my life and got Married at First Sight in hopes of growing love and happiness with a lifelong partner. The short-lived journey proved to be one of the most emotionally trying experience of my life and I could not have persevered without the endless love and support of my family and friends. I owe nothing to anyone but them.”

Along with the caption, Bao shared a series of photos from milestone events, including photos on her wedding day, Decision Day, as well as at her divorce party where she whacked a piñata that was made to resemble her ex-husband Johnny Lam. 

Bao also shared a photo of her and her loved ones gathered around a glowing Christmas tree. 

Interestingly, in the photo, Zack sits near Bao who holds roses and they all have big smiles on their faces. 

The photo certainly makes it appear as though Zack has become fully initiated into Bao’s social circle and Zack posing with Bao’s loved ones indicates that the two have become quite close and comfortable with one another. 

Zack and Bao in a holiday photo
Pic credit: @wowforbao/Instagram

Michaela Clark throws shade at Bao and Zack’s relationship 

Zack and Bao continue to be spotted together at various places, and Zack was even in attendance at Bao’s divorce party and had to take the bat away from her after she swiftly broke the Johnny-inspired piñata.

While Michaela is now estranged from her ex, Zack, she still managed to throw some shade his way in a post she shared. 

Michaela shared pics of her and Gil and suggested in the caption that she has too much respect for the MAFS process to date someone else from the show, which was definitely a jab toward Zack and Bao. 

Regardless of any critics, it seems Zack and Bao are enjoying their newfound relationship and being brought into each others’ worlds.

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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