Bao shares an image reflecting how she’s doing amidst Zack’s cheating scandal

Bao in blue
Married at First Sight Season 13 star Bao uses art to showcase her mental state. Pic credit: Lifetime

Zack and Bao’s relationship has been a major topic of discussion among MAFS fans lately.

Shortly after going public with their relationship, a woman came forward with claims and receipts of Zack having a sexual relationship with her at the same that he was dating Bao.

The cheating scandal has become quite messy and some fans have been eager to see how Bao is doing with all this disheartening information being revealed.

While Zack and Bao have yet to make official statements on the matter, Bao did share a telling post that provided some insight into how she’s doing mentally.

Bao illustrates how her mind and heart have been feeling

Bao recently took to her Instagram stories to share an illustration from The Awkward Yeti.

In the illustration, a brain sits in a boat that is flooded with water. The brain uses a bucket to try and dump the water out of the boat but a red heart stands behind the brain and continues to pour more water in the boat, rendering the brain’s efforts useless.

Bao wrote above the illustration, “Me currently.”

Bao's IG story
Pic credit: @wowforbao/Instagram

While what exactly this image means for Bao is left up for interpretation, since she doesn’t explicitly specify what resonates with her about the image, it seems fair to say Bao is having a battle of the mind and heart right now and is working hard to not sink under the messiness.

It’s been alleged that Bao has been in discussions with Zack’s “other woman” and trying to figure out how to best handle the difficult and public situation. It’s likely there are a lot of conflicted emotions associated with this mess and, as many can relate to, oftentimes the mind wants to handle issues one way while the heart has different plans.

Bao thanks people for checking in on her and showing kindness

Bao also thanked people in her post, as it seems many have reached out and expressed their concern and well-wishes as she publicly deals with more poor treatment from the men on MAFS Season 13.

Bao wrote, “Thank you to those who have checked on me. Your kindness is appreciated.”

Time will tell if Bao decides to more directly address Zack’s cheating situation or if she understandably chooses to deal with it more privately.

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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