MAFS star Chloe Brown requests help for her ‘deeply loved’ animal sanctuary on her B’day

MAFS alum Chloe Brown screenshot
Chloe Brown celebrates her birthday. Pic credit: Lifetime

Chloe Brown is celebrating another year around the sun, and the Married at First Sight star shared a reflective message in honor of her birthday.

While sitting on top of the world, the brunette beauty expressed joy about celebrating her 41st birthday.

“Aging has been the greatest joy of my life,” Chloe told her followers in the post.

While celebrating the happy moment, Chloe’s mind was elsewhere, and she shared some sad news with her followers.

The Broken Shovels Sanctuary which Chloe brought attention to in Season 17 is now having financial challenges.

In her birthday message, the MAFS star shed light on the situation and urged people to support the cause in any way possible.

MAFS star Chloe Brown celebrates the ‘joy’ of aging on her 41st birthday

Chloe took to social media with a lengthy post for her birthday, sharing a photo that showed her enjoying the outdoors.

“Today I celebrate 41 epic trips around the sun,” she wrote. “They say time flies when you’re having fun, and they aren’t kidding. 😆 Aging has been the greatest joy of my life.”

The MAFS star told her Instagram followers not to believe society’s claim that aging is not a gift and urged people to step into their power.

“Celebrate every, single year; how beautiful to be alive,” she added.

Chloe requests help for her animal sanctuary

We remember Chloe has a passion for animals and big dreams of starting an animal sanctuary.

Some MAFS fans are convinced that the dream scared off Michael Shiakallis.

During a trip with Michael to the Broken Shovels Sanctuary, Chloe shared her plans with her then-husband, which included running a large sanctuary filled with senior and disabled animals.

Until then, Chloe is keeping busy at Broken Shovels, and now they need help, as noted in her Instagram post.

“If you feel like getting the warm fuzzies today, it would mean the world to have your support for my deeply loved Broken Shovels Sanctuary,” said the MAFS star.

Chloe explained that the organization has unexpected financial challenges and asked for help.

“If you’re able, any help you can provide is beyond appreciated. Every single penny keeps this incredible work going. To donate click the link in my bio,” she added.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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