Chloe Brown says ‘We did it’ with photos from the MAFS finale

MAFS star Chloe Brown Season final screenshot
Chloe Brown shares throwback MAFS photos. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight, fans were relieved that Season 17 finally came to an end after six long months of watching the trainwreck of a season play out.

However, you can imagine that the cast is also happy to finally be done with watching their disastrous marriage play out week after week.

We know that Chloe Brown is ready to move on with her life after an unsuccessful attempt at marriage despite her best efforts.

She recently posted several throwback photos from her time on the show, including a few snaps from the MAFS finale.

The finale episode, a Where Are They Now special, gave an update on the Denver cast months after their marriages ended.

During the episode, Chloe dropped a few bombshells about her relationship –or lack thereof with the other wives.

However, she’s formed a close bond with the men, including her now ex-husband Michael Shiakallis, and is ready for the next chapter in her life.

Chloe Brown says ‘We did it’ with memorable throwback photos

In her very first post since going public on Instagram, Chloe shared several snaps from the show and wrote, “We did it ✨ #mafsdenver.”

It’s not surprising that her favorite memories included moments with Cameron, Brennan, Orion, Austin, and her ex-husband, Michael.

The first photo was from the finale episode, where the men filmed with Chloe at her favorite place, the animal sanctuary.

The group looked happy as they smiled for the snap with their arms around each other.

Other photos in the slide showed Chloe on her wedding day, from her and Michael’s housewarming party, plus other fun moments that never aired on the show.

Viewers shower Chloe with support after the MAFS final

Meanwhile, Chloe is the only Season 17 wife who’s not getting dragged on social media, it’s been quite the opposite.

After going public with her Instagram page less than a day ago, her account is already being flooded with supportive comments from viewers.

“Grace, class, intelligence and wisdom. Thank you, Chloe, for being a welcome respite from what was a pretty toxic season,” wrote one commenter.

“Chloe, You have been such a joy to watch. Especially on the reunion when you spoke your truth. I have been so impressed with your poise, grace, kindness, and emotional intelligence…” said someone else.

MAFS fans send love to Chloe Brown
Pic credit: @chloemariebrown/Instagram

One viewer told the brunette beauty, “You should be proud of yourself. Convicted, graceful, intelligent, empathetic… just to name a few ways that you showed up. Way to represent our gender!🙌🏼👍🏻.”

Someone else wrote, “The sweetest lady Chloe ❤️‍🩹.”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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