MAFS: Recent episode sways some fans opinions of Myrla and Gil

MAFS Myrla and Gil cozy up on the couch
MAFS Myrla and Gil cozy up on the couch Pic credit: Lifetime

Myrla and Gil have been the underdog couple of Married At First Sight Season 13, but the most recent episode has some fans changing their mind about this unlikely duo.

Myrla and Gil came in dead last on our Most Likely To Succeed list. Between the couples’ differences in lifestyles, goals, and even preferences in looks, many fans, including us, were unsure if this couple would even make it out of the Honeymoon.

But the most recent episode has many fans changing their minds about the little couple that could. Myrla and Gil seem to be proving that slow and steady can win the race after all.

In a session with Dr. Viviana, the pair revealed that both were happy with their marriage, with Gil giving the marriage an 8/10 and Myrla giving it a 7/10, the couple tallied a 7.5/10 satisfaction rate. Not bad at all for a duo that many thought would barely make it past the wedding day.

Myrla and Gil step up their intimacy

The episode also revealed Myrla and Gil taking their intimacy a few steps forward.

In an assignment prescribed by Dr. Viviana, the two went through a series of trust and intimacy-building exercises, including one where they put their foreheads together and told each other their favorite things about the other.

Both came up with multiple things about the other and the exercise seemed to really create a deep bond between the two. So deep in fact, that by the end of the episode Gil had received his very first kiss from Myrla and the two couldn’t have been happier.

Not only did the kiss take Gil by surprise, but fans were also surprised by their own sudden change of heart about Myrla and Gil.

One fan couldn’t help but note that somehow Myrla and Gil were pulling ahead as the MAFS Season 13 cutest couple. Another expressed how surprised they were by their own unavoidable feeling that Myrla and Gil were their new favorite couple.

Myrla and Gil against the odds

The progress in Myrla and Gil’s relationship has certainly turned the social media tide. Fans initially expressed doubts over the couple’s success and even wondered why the two were matched in the first place.

Which was no surprise considering the laundry list of differences they had. Myrla had said she did not like bald men, Gil is bald. Gil said he did not want an Instagram influencer, Myrla has a sizeable social media following.

Myrla said she wanted someone to share in her lifestyle of high-end clothes and travel, while Gil said he wanted someone “low maintenance.” Many fans felt the two were actually the exact opposite of what each had asked for in a partner.

But it turns out maybe the two aren’t as different as we all thought. Myrla and Gil have found ways to bond and create intimacy and both seem happy with the relationship overall. Who knew?

But as we have seen in previous seasons, things can change overnight for the couples of Married At First Sight so we will just have to wait and see if Myrla and Gil’s slow and steady ways win them the race to Decision Day.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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