MAFS fans question why Myrla and Gil were matched

MAFS Myrla looks unhappy
MAFS Myrla makes her signature face Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight couple Myrla Feria and Gil have all the fans talking, but not about what you might expect. The couple has drawn a lot of attention as what fans are calling one of the most poorly matched couples in MAFS history.

Whether Myrla is “high maintenance” or “high class” has been a debate among fans since day one, but the real question, was whether Gil would think so.

Gil specifically requested from the matchmakers someone who was not “high maintenance” or an Instagram model. Myrla has an extensive social media following and a closet full of Gucci.

While the finer points of what defines “high maintenance” or being an Instagram model might be debatable, the fact that Myrla at least dips her toes into these categories was not.

Myrla and Gil have seemingly nothing in common

While fans might have gone back and forth on whether Myrla was high maintenance or not the real question remained, what would Gil think? But the final few days of the honeymoon, settled that debate once and for all, as Gil admitted that he did find Myrla to be high maintenance.

Fans continued to question why the couple would be matched in the first place, and as the honeymoon discord continued to unfold, it seemed the couple continued to have fewer and fewer things in common.

It seemed the two couldn’t agree on anything as fans watched them argue over everything from politics, to finances, to Myrla changing her last name. And let us not forget, that Myrla said repeatedly she had not wanted someone who was bald, and yet, there waiting at the end of the aisle was Gil, with not a hair on his head.

No matter the issue, the couple can not seem to find common ground, and Married at First Sight fans have definitely noticed.

Myrla and Gil’s dog days of the honeymoon

Myrla told the matchmakers she did not like dogs. Gil has a dog that is a big part of his life. The couple was matched anyway.

MAFS fans(and Gil) were initially hopeful that perhaps Myrla would come around don’t the issue and soften to it once she realized she was now a new dog mom, but unfortunately, that did not happen.

On the honeymoon, Gil discussed his dog Hype with Myrla and it was clear she would not be embracing her new dog mothering duties. Myrla told Gil she would not be cleaning up after the dog or taking it on walks, even when Gil was working. Myrla said that they could use a dog walker.

Gil was clearly upset and responded that her reaction made it hard for him to even want to get to know her further. Once again, fans had to ask why were these two matched?

The list of the differences between these two just continues to grow, and it almost seems like the couple got the exact opposite of what they asked for with each other.

Although as we have seen in past seasons, couples can sometimes overcome what seem insurmountable differences, these two certainly have some hills to climb in their relationship, and it seems fans have all but given up.

While the couple did have some common ground in the way of languages and cultural background, and the one bizarre commonality of having a murdered father, that is where their similarities seem to end. Are Myrla and Gil the worst matched couple in MAFS history? Only time will tell.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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