MAFS: Rachel Gordillo puts troll on blast for crude comments about her body

Rachel Gordillo claps back at body shaming troll on social media.
Rachel Gordillo responds to a troll who commented on her body. Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram

Married at First Sight star, Rachel Gordillo, isn’t putting up with trolls online.

While on the show, Rachel shared her struggles with accepting her body. She wasn’t happy with her weight or how she felt at her size.

During the height of the pandemic, Rachel got interested in fitness and found a workout routine that worked for her.

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She dropped a significant amount of weight and has since been in the maintenance phase of her health journey. Rachel works out regularly and focuses on sculpting and toning.

She has since used her platform to spread a message of body positivity while also encouraging others to find the strength to change things they may not like about themselves.

And when she recently received some harsh comments about her body after posting clips of her workout routine on social media, the educator clapped back with a stern and classy response.

Rachel Gordillo responds to troll who says she is ‘getting fatter’

After Rachel shared highlights from her latest visit to the gym, she received a nasty comment from a critic. She posted her workout, which consisted of multiple sets of squats while lifting a barbell weighing 185 pounds.

A commenter then wrote a response, saying, “How come your getting fatter by the day then? Im comfused,” and sent it to Rachel’s DMs. The troll also commented on a different workout video where they called Rachel fat.

Rachel Gordillo shares the crude comments she received from a troll.
Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram

Rachel shared screenshots of the remarks and showed her followers her response. She called out the troll for their rude comments and asked why they felt it was okay to comment on someone else’s body.

She went on to encourage the critic to strive to adjust their outlook and attitude and the way they interact with others. Rachel ended her reply by telling the troll to simply stop looking at her body if it bothers them so much.

Rachel Gordillo shares her response to the body shaming she received from a troll.
Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram

Rachel then posted one last gym selfie with a caption saying, “Para los haters” as she completed her workout.

Rachel Gordillo responds to trolls who body shamed her with a gym selfie.
Rachel shares a gym selfie after being body shamed. Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram

Rachel Gordillo had an incredible summer

During the summer, Rachel lived her best life and shared many of those moments with her followers. She traveled to gorgeous places like Greece, Switzerland, Italy, and Croatia.

She was a solo traveler for many of her adventures but also traveled overseas with her MAFS besties, Myrla Feria and Brett Layton.

When she returned from her travels, Rachel continued creating memories by attending concerts, attending baseball games, and practicing becoming a better golfer. She shared highlights from her summer on her Instagram and her travel blog.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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