MAFS: Rachel Gordillo in shorts and sneakers golfing for her mental health

Rachel Gordillo shows off her golf skills in new social media video.
Rachel Gordillo is embracing golf for her mental health. Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram

Married at First Sight alum Rachel Gordillo is getting serious about focusing on her mental health.

After spending her summer traveling the world and bonding with her former co-stars, Rachel is slowing down and finding ways to care for herself.

The Season 13 star has been through a lot in recent years since agreeing to marrying a stranger on TV.

Although she walked away from the show married to Jose San Miguel, once filming ended, so did their relationship.

Since then, Rachel has filled her schedule with concerts, vacations, workout routines and multiple nights out with her bestie Myrla Feria.

Now, Rachel is diving into a new hobby and hopes it will be a great addition to her self-care maintenance and overall well-being.

Rachel Gordillo shows off her golf skills

In a new video posted to her Instagram, Rachel showed her nearly 64K followers how well she plays golf.

She wore a pink tank top, lilac shorts, and sneakers as she showed off an impressive golf swing.

Rachel added her humor to the video by including text that read, “Hoping golf fixes all my problems,” with an audio clip saying, “You better fix my entire life you little s**t,” that played in the background.

In her caption, Rachel wrote, “When you hit a couple balls for your mental health. Tiger woods watch out ?”

This is not the first time Rachel has been open about mental health. During her time on the show, she mentioned how she embraced working out after finding it helpful to her overall wellness.

She also stated how she discovered the importance of self-care through her alter ego, “Summer Rachel” where she simply embraces a life of fun and enjoyment without any worries or cares.

Rachel Gordillo is rooting for the new couples on MAFS

Like many former stars of the show, Rachel has shared her thoughts on the couples from the current season. While she has some concerns, she is mostly confident that they can work through their differences and have lasting marriages.

She thinks many of the newlyweds have great chemistry already, which is a good sign. However, she is hoping they can connect beyond their physical attractions and discover why they were matched together.

The connections from the current season seem to be going better than Rachel’s season. Most of the couples struggled in the relationships right out the gate and just couldn’t find common ground.

Today, all the couples from Season 13 have divorced, after deciding they simply weren’t compatible. Although her marriage didn’t work out, Rachel is confident she will find love again when the time is right.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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