MAFS: Rachel Gordillo speaks on chemistry between the married couples ahead of honeymoons

Married at First Sight alum Rachel Gordillo gives her opinions on the newly married couples.
Rachel Gordillo shares her thoughts on the new MAFS couples. Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram

Rachel Gordillo was part of Season 13 of Married at First Sight where she agreed to marry stranger, Jose San Miguel.

While the two tried multiple times to keep their relationship together both during and after the show, they sadly didn’t get the happy ended they hoped for. Shortly after the reunion aired, they announced their divorce.

Since then, Rachel has been enjoying her life as a single woman again. She stays in contact with her fellow cast members and often meets up with them for outings and trips.

Like other MAFS stars, Rachel has been keeping up with the new season and forming her opinions on the latest couples to blindly get married.

It’s been a few weeks since the season began, and all the couples have gotten through their wedding days and are ready to start their new lives together.

Just ahead of their honeymoon trips, Rachel shared her thoughts on each couple’s chemistry in her exclusive recap for People.

Rachel Gordillo recaps the recent episode of Married at First Sight

In her recap, Rachel started out by commenting her thoughts on how each couple seemed to be connecting after getting married.

She began with Alexis and Justin, saying, “Their body language is screaming sexual chemistry and they appear completely comfortable with each other.” Fans have also shared similar sentiments about this couple.

About Nate and Stacia, Rachel felt they also had a strong connection. She admits it seems physical at first, but feels they have a good shot for a strong marriage based on their attraction to one another.

Rachel picked up on the possible tension between Miguel and Lindy. While she believes their connection is solid, she is concerned that Miguel may see some red flags in his wife already.

Unlike viewers, Rachel thinks Krysten and Mitch seem comfortable with one other. Some fans and former MAFS stars aren’t so sure that these two will get along all that well but hope they both commit to giving their relationship a chance.

Morgan and Binh were the last couple to get married after having to postpone their wedding because of COVID-19. Rachel saw their wedding day and felt they had a strong attraction to one another despite their nerves.

Things heat up when the couples meet their in-laws

The morning after the weddings, the couples have brunch with their spouse’s family. Rachel gave her thoughts on each interaction.

She believed Nate and Stacia both did a great job of making their in-laws feel comfortable and assured that they would take care of their loved one. Stacia promised Nate’s family that she would not hurt him and would always make time for their marriage, while he comforted her family with his plans to be good husband and dad.

When it came to Justin and Alexis, Rachel was not happy that Alexis pointed out Justin’s celibacy to his family. His mom did not seem to appreciate her comment and Rachel believes it was not the best impression to make. On the flip side, Alexis’ family appeared to think Justin may be too sensitive to handle her. They warn him about being a pushover and feeling empowered to speak up in the relationship.

Rachel says she thought Mitch and Krysten’s families seemed concerned about the true intentions of the new spouse. The conversations were intense and honest as the families voiced their concerns and wishes. In the end, Rachel feels the advice the couple received was valuable and can benefit their marriage.

Miguel and Lindy’s families came with a string of questions and some heavy truths. Rachel says she enjoyed the questions about compatibility and the couple’s dynamics. However, things got intense when finances were mentioned and there was a clear difference in how Lindy and Miguel approached the topic.

The upcoming episodes will follow the couples as they travel to their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. They will get a chance to hang out with the other couples as they also continue getting to know one another. Rachel hopes the couples will be supportive but avoid comparing their progress with other couples.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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