MAFS viewers weigh in on Mitch’s lack of attraction to Krysten

Mitch on Married at First Sight
Mitch and Krysten were married on Married at First Sight Season 15. Pic credit: Lifetime

Mitch and Krysten made it down the aisle on the latest episode of Married at First Sight.

While Krysten appeared instantly smitten with her stranger husband, Mitch had a less enthused reaction.

Mitch admitted during his confessional that he wasn’t blown away by Krysten’s looks and claimed he preferred a more natural woman in sweats. 

Mitch appeared irritated with Krysten’s dolled-up makeup, dress, and heels, even though weddings are typically dressy and formal.

MAFS viewers critiqued Mitch’s statements and felt he exhibited major red flags.

Viewers also suggested Mitch was more attracted to Krysten’s mother than Krysten.

MAFS viewers slam Mitch after wedding day comments about Krysten

Mitch already has MAFS viewers feeling suspicious of him when he behaved like a groomzilla before his wedding. 

His latest comments added to critics’ view of him, with one viewer writing, “Mitch has 3 strikes for me. He snapped over his beard, somehow thinks HE’S the catch in this marriage AND won’t give Krysten his jacket when he has on three layers?” 

Another critic wrote, “Mitch is already a write off for me. I get he has his preference but putting on makeup doesn’t make Krysten mainstream and too much for you…if he wanted an environmentalist wife then don’t go on #MarriedAtFirstSight for a wife.” 

One viewer tweeted, “Mans said he doesn’t know if he can say he’s attracted to her, because she’s ‘too done up.’…day?!?!” 

Another commenter pointed out more of Mitch’s offputting wedding behavior, writing, “‘I’m sorry if you’re freezing.’ but then doesn’t offer to do ANYTHING ABOUT IT… Okay Mitch, another strike.” 

MAFS viewers think Mitch is more attracted to Krysten’s mom 

Mitch appeared excited when Krysten’s mom walked down the aisle in a busty hot pink gown, and viewers felt Mitch expressed more attraction to Krysten’s mom on the wedding day. 

A viewer noted, “Mitch: Is that my wife?! Chaplain: No, that’s the mother of the bride, dang mama!”

One Twitter user wrote, “All I know is Krysten better NEVER leave Mitch alone with her mother for an extended period of time.” 

A critic called out the irony in Mitch’s alleged attraction to Krysten’s mother, writing, “Krysten’s mom is more dolled up than Krysten tho yet Mitch seems to like the mom but he claims to only like natural women.” 

Another commenter agreed and emphasized, “I swear men who say they want natural women NEVER REALLY DO!” 

While attraction has grown over time between past MAFS couples, it remains to be seen if Mitch will grow in attraction toward Krysten. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 year ago

I personally think he is not attractive and his teeth look dirty. The fact that he thought a woman in a hot pink dress was his bride….well that says a lot about his intelligence. I completely understand why he is single. She needs to RUN in the opposite direction!

1 year ago

Like if he was a prize package. Yuk

1 year ago

Oh he’s definitely into mommy, not daughter

1 year ago

She needs to run as far away as she can from him! I can already tell this is t going to work out! Maybe they can set him up with the one woman from the last season.