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MAFS: Rachel Gordillo can’t wait for the reunion tea, ‘still shocked’ all 4 couples said yes on Decision Day

Married at First Sight alum Rachel Gordillo weighs in on Season 14's decision day.
Rachel Gordillo shares her thoughts on the couples of Season 14. Pic credit: Lifetime

Rachel Gordillo is one of the few people who knows what it’s like to marry a stranger. The Married at First Sight alum jumped into the social experiment during Season 13 and was matched with Jose San Miguel.

During their time on the show, the couple endured multiple disagreements and arguments but chose to stay together during Decision Day. They were one of the few couples fans and experts thought could make their marriage work.

Unfortunately, by the time the reunion came around, the two had split. And since Rachel knows what it’s like to go from married to divorced within a matter of weeks, it’s no surprise that she weighs in on the final decisions from the Season 14 couples.

Rachel is ‘shocked’ all the couples wanted to stay together

The couples in the current season of MAFS recently made decisions about the state of their marriage. Despite each couple having multiple explosive fights where they pointed out their differences and lack of compatibility, they all chose to stay married on Decision Day.

Rachel knows that saying “yes” on that day is only the beginning. The real work starts when the cameras leave and the couples return to their normal daily routines. This is why she and fans alike eagerly anticipate the reunion episode.

Rachel shared her thoughts about Decision Day and the reunion in an Instagram post. She posted a video where she is lip-synching to a popular social media trend that says, “I take the ball. I bounce it. I shoot. I miss it.”

As the audio plays, Rachel pokes fun at her relationship journey with captions that read, “I get married to a stranger. I make it work for 2 months. I say yes on decision day. I move out a month later and get divorced.”

To go along with her video, Rachel’s caption reads, “Who else is still shocked all the couples said yes?!??? The real question is…did they survive once the cameras went away. I know I had a hard time adjusting to life after decision day. I can’t wait for the chisme (tea) on the reunion. Who do think is still together.”

Rachel’s video may have been all in fun. However, she was somewhat on point with her thoughts. Part 1 of the reunion revealed that in the five months since Decision Day, 2 of the four couples had separated and began the divorce process.

Rachel has been enjoying life since MAFS

Since leaving the show, Rachel and Jose have gotten divorced. The two felt they were just too different to make things work.

She has remained friends with her fellow costars, including Michaela, Brett, and Johnny. She often shares photos of their outings together on social media and comments on how close they’ve remained.

Rachel has also become an influence and a blogger. She mostly shares her traveling adventures and products that support her fitness journey. Rachel can also be seen on her Instagram sharing her thoughts on MAFS and how she’s healing from her divorce.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday night at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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