MAFS: Rachel Gordillo confirms she’s ‘officially divorced’ from Jose San Miguel Jr., says ‘I gave it my all’

Married at First Sight star Rachel Gordillo says divorce from Jose San Miguel Jr has been finalized
Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr. are divorced. Pic credit: Lifetime

Former Married at First Sight couple Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr. are single again. Rachel shared the news on social media that their divorce is now official and that despite the failure, she has no regrets about getting married on the show.

Rachel and Jose were among the two couples whose marriage was still intact by the end of the season, as they both decided to stay married on Decision Day. When the reunion rolled around, the couple revealed they had since broken up then reconciled, making them the only couple still standing by that time.

However, the pair later shared they had called it quits for good, and now the divorce is finalized.

Rachel Gordillo says she’s ‘officially divorced’ from Jose San Miguel Jr.

Rachel posted the news of her divorce from Jose on Instagram.

“And just like that… I’m officially divorced!” wrote the Married at First Sight star, who made it clear that she had no regrets about participating in the eight-week-long experiment.

I will never regret my very public marriage,” she said. “Lessons were learned and strength was gained. If you come out better than ever, how can you regret the situation that got you there? During the process, I was asked what divorce meant to me and I responded, it meant failure.”

Rachel continued, “I no longer believe that statement. I don’t believe I failed. I gave it my all but in the end, I had to choose myself and that’s ok. Thank you to everyone that showed their support through this whole process! I really appreciate it!”

Despite the demise of her marriage, the vacation-loving MAFS star is not letting that slow her down, and she’s already planning her next adventure.

Rachel ended her post by saying, “Alright, time to move on and plan this Switzerland trip!”

Rachel Gordillo gets support from her MAFS family following divorce news

After Rachel shared the news about her divorce on social media, she received supportive messages from a few Married at First Sight alums, some of whom know firsthand what she’s going through.

Her friend and former castmate Myrla Feria left a sweet note for Rachel in the comments and wrote, “You deserve all the happiness and love in the world.”

“Hell yeah mama good for you!!” added Clara Berghaus.

Meanwhile, Season 11 alum Karen Landry wrote, “Well said! ? happy for you!”

Rachel Gordillo gets support from fellow MAFS alums.
Pic credit: @rachintheh/Instagram

So far, Rachel’s now-ex-husband Jose San Miguel Jr. has not spoken out publicly about the fact that their divorce is official.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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