MAFS: Haley says Jacob is trying to blame the failure of their relationship on her

MAFS star Haley Harris says husband Jacob Harder is trying to blame their marriage woes on her
Haley says Jacob blames her for their marriage issues. Pic credit:Lifetime

Married at First Sight couple Haley Harris and Jacob Harder have not been seeing eye to eye in their marriage.

With each passing week, the couple continues to clash over personality differences and lack of communication.

Haley has been getting a lot of backlash from fans and has taken the brunt of the blame for their issues.

Early on, she told her husband that she was not attracted to him and viewers seem to think that she’s simply not trying to make her marriage work.

We’ve seen some questionable behavior from the 28-year-old that has even led Dr. Pepper Schwartz to question her kindness towards her husband.

However, Haley has a different perspective on things, and she doesn’t think it’s fair to blame her for the demise of her marriage.

Haley says Jacob is blaming their marriage issues on her

Haley was a recent guest on Married at First Sight Unfiltered and her marriage to Jacob was a major topic of conversation.

The MAFS star reflected on a vulnerable moment from a past episode where she made a confession about her past.

Haley told her husband that was in a controlling relationship for five years and it has affected the way she deals with relationships.

But after hearing her confession, Jacob made a comment that had Haley shaking her head.

After giving her props for talking to him about her past, Jacob told his wife that if she wanted the relationship to work, it would work.

But Haley begs to differ with that comment.

“I feel like that’s him kind of trying to blame the relationship on me, in my opinion,” shared Haley.

“Saying that I’m the reason that this relationship isn’t working and I don’t think that’s fair.”

Does Pastor Cal agree with Haley?

Haley was joined on Married at First Sight Unfiltered by Pastor Calvin Robertson.

And during the conversation, he agreed with Haley’s statement that she can’t take the brunt of the blame for their relationship.

“I see what Haley is saying,” noted Pastor Cal.

“There needs to be a serious meeting of the minds if this relationship is going to be a success. And that’s not just on Haley, it’s also on Jake.”

The MAFS star also had more to say after the expert shared his view on her situation.

Haley had previously noted that if she doesn’t initiate a conversation with Jake, he simply ignores her.

“And I think that’s a lot of the reason why we are having the issues that we are having,” explained Haley. “It’s because he’s putting a lot of pressure and a lot of responsibility of engagement on me.”

Do you think Haley and Jacob can turn things around before Decision Day?

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