MAFS: Dr. Pepper questions Haley’s ‘kindness’ and ’empathy’ toward Jacob

MAFS stars Haley and Jacob sits down with Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper has a word or two for Haley and Jacob. Pic credit:Lifetime.

If you watched Married at First Sight last night, then you know all about bracelet gate! On the day of their wedding, Jacob sent Haley an $800 bracelet as a wedding gift.

She has never worn the item, nor does she even have it with her in Atlanta. The piece of jewelry has actually been at her mom’s home in Alabama since the wedding day.

Jacob has brought up the subject to his wife several times, but to no avail, and after arguing about the missing bracelet in last night’s episode, Dr. Pepper Schwartz sat down with the couple for a well-needed session.

Dr Pepper chats with Haley and Jacob

After Haley and Jacob’s tense confrontation about the bracelet, it was a topic of discussion during their sit down with Dr. Pepper.

Haley didn’t think it was a big deal but the expert saw things differently.

“It seems like it was important to him,” said Dr. Pepper. “And you made a mistake by not wearing it or carrying it or something.”

“I don’t care if she doesn’t wear it or carry it,” interjected Jacob.

He then turned to Haley, “The fact that it’s not here is disrespectful because you could have at least had it shipped here within seven days.”

“How is that disrespectful,” questioned Haley.

“Because I invested $800 on a gift,” said the 38-year-old in response.”It wasn’t important to you obviously.”

Haley tried to explain that because they were constantly fighting, getting the bracelet to Atlanta wasn’t at the top of her list.

Dr. Pepper was not having it and she had a word or two for Haley.

Dr. Pepper questions Haley’s kindness towards Jacob

As Dr. Pepper listened to the conversation regarding the bracelet, she had no problem calling Haley out for her behavior.

“But you get the point that he did give you something very precious,” noted the expert. “That he spent a lot of money on. Wanted to show how important you were to him –not knowing who you were but knowing what you would be to him.”

She continued, “It’s hurt, he’s hurt. The question is, has any empathy or kindness been shown from your side of the line. I’m not seeing a bunch of it.”

Haley was close to tears after Dr. Pepper’s comment, but she tried to explain herself nonetheless.

“I’ve always been the kind of person if I don’t wanna be in a situation I remove myself from it,” shared the MAFS star.

“Or if I don’t wanna deal with something, I don’t deal with it. And I felt awkward, I didn’t know how the verbalize it and so I shut down.”

“That makes me sad…” responded Dr. Pepper. “It seems like he felt and probably was genuinely rejected.”

She continued, “And take some responsibility for not thinking about how important it would be for him because it was his big gift. It was also a statement of how seriously he took this marriage.”

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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