MAFS: Clara Berghaus gives her views on which couples will stand the test of time

Married at First Sight alum Clara Berghaus reveals which new couples she believes will last long-term.
Clara Berghaus shares her thoughts on the new MAFS couples. Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Married at First Sight alum Clara Berghaus is chiming in on the current season’s couples.

The Season 12 star agreed to let a team of experts find her a lifelong partner. They matched her with Ryan Oubre and hoped the two would go the distance.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and the couple announced their divorce last year.

Now, Clara is sharing her thoughts on the new batch of singles who have agreed to marry a stranger. 

In her exclusive recap for People, Clara gives her insight on the couples as they enjoy their honeymoons and begin to learn more about one another.

Clara also reveals which couples she believes will withstand the test of time, and the ones she feels may be in trouble.

Clara Berghaus hopes these couples can work out their differences

Clara started her recap with Mitch and Krysten. Fans have been giving Mitch the side eye since the start of the season, and Clara seems to agree with their thoughts. She called him “insensitive” and said that Krysten’s kindness and willingness to keep trying and fighting for her marriage despite his actions is “commendable.”

Despite her affection for Krysten, Clara says she’s concerned for her and thinks she will “lose herself to this marriage if she continues to put Mitch’s needs before her own.”

Clara does have hope that these two could have a great relationship if they learn to make time for one another and put in the effort to communicate. She also hopes living together will help Mitch grow more of a physical attraction to Krysten.

Lindy and Miguel ended up being the most surprising couple for Clara. About them, she said, “I am shocked that this is the first couple to consummate their marriage.”

Despite their sexual connection, the couple struggled to agree on the path of their relationship. While Lindy believes she wants Miguel to be her forever and wants to avoid breaking up, Miguel made it clear he just wants to see how things go during the experiment.

Clara believes this couple has the potential to last well beyond the show as long as they get out of their heads. She shared, “I do think this couple has great potential as long as Lindy continues to stand up for herself and Miguel recognizes that her insecurities aren’t irrational but part of what makes her her.”

Clara Berhgaus is concerned about some of the new MAFS couples

Next, Clara focused on Binh and Morgan. Thanks to COVID-19, this couple has spent the least amount of time together and started their honeymoon later than the rest of the group.

The couple had a heated argument concerning finances and debt, which lead Binh to stress how he values financial freedom. He is worried that Morgan’s student loans will be a problem and also questioned her career path.

After watching their interactions with one another, Clara said, “Ultimately, I feel like they are misaligned, but I’ll be interested to see how they handle conflict after returning to San Diego.”

She also worries that Binh confiding in Justin so much may impact their marriage. Clara doesn’t seem to have much hope for these two. She does feel that living together will reveal how well they can overcome their conflicts.

When it comes to Justin and Alexis, Clara seemed to be thrown for a loop. She said she wasn’t fully understanding their dynamic just yet and questioned the both of them already dropped the L-word to one another.

As she analyzed them saying they love each other, Clara said, “Now, I’m not saying that love at first sight doesn’t exist. However, this entire relationship screams of love-bombing to me.” She wonders if these two are truly in love or if they are just feeling extreme infatuation.

Clara also feels they are not setting a “realistic or sustainable” tone for their marriage. The two haven’t had any arguments or disagreements yet, which makes Clara concerned for how they will resolve things. And with Justin’s celibacy still a looming topic, she feels their relationship may shift once sex is introduced.

Clara Berghaus is ‘most confident’ in just one couple

Despite the fans’ reactions, Clara is most excited about just one couple. Nate and Stacia are who she says she’s “the most confident in” and believes has the best chance of making it long-term.

She applauded Stacia’s desire to attend couple’s therapy even before problems arise. She also loved that Nate agreed to counseling and seems committed to doing things to meet Stacia’s needs.

Clara said of the couple, “Stacia mentioned at their picnic that she wants to be proactive and go to couples counseling to gain the necessary tools for a successful marriage. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Nate was all in on this idea.”

Clara also noted how the other couples had expressed concerns over Nate coming off as inauthentic and disingenuous. She liked that Stacia was aware of this and discussed it with Nate immediately. Clara thinks these two have solid communication skills and understand what the other partner wants.

Clara says she feels Stacia and Nate are “the most realistic of the couples this season” and believes they can build a solid future with one another.

In the upcoming episode, the couples will wrap up their honeymoons and return to San Diego. There, they will move in together and settle into their new lives as a marriage couple.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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