MAFS viewers react to Justin using the L-word with Alexis on the honeymoon

Justin on Married at First Sight
Justin is falling fast for Alexis on Married at First Sight Season 15. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 15 is off and running, with Justin and Alexis’s relationship moving particularly fast. 

Justin and Alexis have been overall happy with their match, despite Alexis not having an initial physical attraction to Justin. 

While Alexis’ attraction to her husband wasn’t immediate, Justin expressed feeling he experienced love at first sight with Alexis. 

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Not only does Justin feel his wife is beautiful, but Justin also shared that he already loves Alexis. 

During the honeymoon, Justin professed to Alexis that he’s fallen in love with her and that he knew as soon as he saw her at the altar that he’d want to spend the rest of his life with her. 

MAFS viewers weighed in on Justin’s tearful profession of love, with many feeling his use of the L-word is premature considering he and Alexis still barely know one another. 

MAFS viewers think Justin is moving too quickly 

Married at First Sight fans took to Twitter to weigh in on Justin telling Alexis he loved her. 

One viewer expressed concern, writing, “’I love you and I’m in love with you.’ Justin is definitely moving fast. I hope Alexis doesn’t hurt this guy.” 

Another fan questioned, ““How ? do ? you ? love ? someone ? after ? three ? DAYYYSSS ? ? how are you in love after knowing her for DAYYYYSSS HOW Justin HOW?” 

A MAFS viewer tweeted, “Lmaooooooooo not Justin falling in love on the honeymoon and Alexis cackling like a hyena. And struggle braid Nate with the ‘faith in ya boy’ hell nah I ain’t got none. Post NUP.” 

One viewer felt both Justin and Mitch made mistakes in the recent episode, writing, “Justin and Mitch made two stupid mistakes: – telling your wife you aren’t attracted to her. – telling your wife you love her after knowing her for two hot seconds.” 

A critic predicted, “A man who can express how they feel is ideal, but I feel like Justin’s gonna be a crier/cry baby this season and its gonna get on Alexis’s and ALL of our nerves!”

Another critic expressed, “Justin & Alexis are doing ENTIRELY too much too fast. Love? Kids? After a few days? Nah, this is going to end and end badly.” 

One viewer criticized Alexis and Justin, tweeting, “Alexis seems emotionally unavailable & even immature but Justin telling her he’s in love after 3 days is going to feel smothering & far too much, too quickly for a lot of people, let alone someone with commitment issues.” 

MAFS viewers empathize with Justin 

While most viewers condemned Justin’s speedy profession of love, others empathized with him and even praised his vulnerability. 

A viewer wrote, “I feel sad for Justin. It seems he hasn’t been wholly loved for who he is in a long time or ever. Him feeling madly in love with Alexis after just 2 days feels like it’s not just ‘love at first sight.’ It’s heavy & Alexis is taking it well.”

Another fan tweeted, “Justin is the reason this marriage experiment has any real credibility. He’s a great communicator and he’s completely open to the process – despite the fact that it might be a bit unnerving for Alexis. Bravo!” 

It remains to be seen if Justin’s early love for Alexis will lead to the couple having a lasting marriage. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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