MAFS fans have hope for Lindy and Miguel after cute wedding ceremony

Lindy and Miguel on Married at First Sight
Lindy and Miguel were matched on Married at First Sight Season 15. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight saw two more couples walk down the aisle in the latest episode.

The two couples were Stacia and Nate and Lindy and Miguel.

While Stacia and Nate had an instant attraction to one another and appeared to get along, it was Lindy and Miguel that got fans talking.

Lindy is the romantic with a sheltered background, growing up in a religion that she claims didn’t allow her to dance or front-hug the opposite sex. 

Miguel is a proud nerd, poet, and Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast who brought D&D dice to his wedding. 

After Lindy and Miguel’s wedding and embrace during the ceremony, viewers expressed believing the couple has potential.

MAFS viewers found Lindy and Miguel endearing at their wedding

MAFS viewers took to Twitter to react to Lindy and Miguel’s nuptials and compatibility. 

One fan wrote, “The Afterparty makes me really hopeful we won’t get as many divorces this year. We might get actual love relationships! Especially with Miguel and Lindy, she’s clearly still smitten.”

Another fan declared Lindy and Miguel their favorite couple, writing, “These two are my favorite couple this year especially Miguel. If Lindy doesn’t want him my hand is raised. he’s absolutely adorable-especially his nerdy side!!” 

Miguel and Lindy tweets
Pic credit: @TvMonicaTv/Twitter

A viewer expressed, ‘I really want Lindy and Miguel to be happy,” with another writing, “Lindy and Miguel actually look good together.” 

Miguel and Lindy tweets
Pic credit: @reallychristy/Twitter

When Lindy met Miguel at the altar during her wedding, she introduced herself by warmly hugging Miguel. 

Miguel and Lindy tweets
Pic credit: @janetca8/Twitter

The pair stayed in the embrace for a while and were all smiles as they prepared to marry at first sight. 

Viewers found the hug to be a cute moment, with one fan writing, “aww that’s sweet, I don’t think I’ve seen a couple hug like that when they first meet.” 

Another commenter added, ‘They both seem like 2 sweet individuals. I hope@they can figure out how to love each other well.” 

Miguel and Lindy tweets
Pic credit: @tyyabondatrack/Twitter

How many more weddings are in store on Married at First Sight Season 15?

The Married at First Sight 15 premiere featured Justin and Alexis kicking off the weddings. 

In the next episode, Stasia and Nate were married, and then Lindy and Miguel. 

Two of the five couples still have yet to walk down the aisle, with Krysten and Mitch set to be the next wedding. 

The final couple to get married will be Morgan and Binh, whose wedding was postponed due to Binh testing positive for COVID-19. 

With just two couples left, the weddings will hopefully be wrapped up next episode as the couples venture off to their honeymoon. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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