MAFS: Chris Williams storms off reunion set after former friend Pastor Dwight makes surprise appearance

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Married at First Sight husband Chris Williams storms off set after his former friend Pastor Dwight makes an appearance Pic credit: Lifetime

While the expert-crafted matches are made with good intent, it was only days into her new marriage when 25-year-old Paige got the biggest bomb dropped on her in Married at First Sight history.

Although the 27-year-old entrepreneur was everything she was looking for on paper, they only made it to the honeymoon before her new husband Chris Williams revealed that his ex-fiancee was expecting his child.

Chris definitely wasn’t a fan favorite this season and even lost some of his own friends along the way.

It’s clear Chris and his former friend Pastor Dwight have a score to settle as his surprise appearance on the season’s reunion caused Chris to storm off set.

Chris storms off set after Pastor Dwight makes a surprise appearance

The drama brewing between Pastor Dwight and Chris had already started prior to their fateful meeting on the reunion.

Earlier in the season, Pastor Dwight rubbed Chris the wrong way when he met with Paige without coming to him first.

In the meeting, Pastor Dwight ultimately told Paige that he believed that Chris “wasn’t fully prepared” for the MAFS experiment. He also revealed an additional engagement that she wasn’t previously aware of.

Chris wasn’t happy with the interaction as he blasted Pastor Dwight on social media when the episode aired.

Chris also revealed that his main problem with Pastor Dwight was that “he was diminishing the value of Mercedes to build up Paige.”

While talking to host Kevin Frazer, Pastor Dwight explained that Chris did not like correction. This clearly set Chris off as he cursed his former spiritual advisor before storming off the reunion set.

Chris is upset with Dwight for meeting with Paige

Prior to meeting at the reunion, Chris had accused Pastor Dwight of switching up when the camera started rolling.

Chris revealed to his Instagram followers that Pastor Dwight’s original comments about his situation were disrespectful.

“You were the first person I called when I found out about the pregnancy. But then you told me that she was lying and not to believe her even though you had never met her,” Chris wrote in a lengthy statement on Instagram.

Since the revelation of the miscarriage on Decision Day, Chris’s ex-fiance Mercedes has also broken her silence and addressed viewers who questioned the legitimacy of her pregnancy.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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