MAFS: Chris Williams insults Paige’s appearance and frustrates Pastor Cal

MAFS star Chris Williams angers fans with rude comment about Paige Banks's appearance
Chris makes rude comment about Paige’s appearance during session with Pastor Cal. Pic credit:Lifetime

Chris Williams continues to disrespect his wife and infuriate fans on the latest episode of Married at First Sight.

The young entrepreneur has officially cemented his status among the worst husbands in the show’s history. This week he added the icing on the cake with his distasteful comments about Paige’s appearance.

Chris has been embarrassing his wife since the moment they tied the knot, and although the couple has finally gone their separate ways on the show (or so we hope), he is not done making nasty comments about his wife.

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As a matter of fact, his recent conversation about the 26-year-old was so out of pocket that even the usually composed Pastor Cal was at his wit’s end.

Chris makes nasty comments about Paige’s appearance

During the latest episode of Married at First Sight, the experts sat with the participants one by one. Pastor Cal’s session with Chris proved that he would never take accountability for his behavior.

The MAFS star has no remorse for the way he treated Paige all season long and his recent sit-down was a prime example of that.

As far as he’s concerned, the experts are the ones to blame for not pairing him with someone more attractive. Yes, he actually said those things during his session.

“There’s so many beautiful black queens, white queens, Hispanic queens here in the city of Atlanta and I just feel like it shouldn’t be hard to find somebody that’s…cause I’m not that picky,” claimed Chris.

“The millions of women here ya’ll picked the one that’s just like ehhh.”

“No… no, I’m not gonna take that. No, that is not true, that is so not true,” retorted Pastor Cal. “You wanted somebody to be a power couple. You wanted someone where you guys walk into a room and you could work a room,” added the expert.

“Yeah but you have to be attracted to the person though,” responded Chris.

MAFS viewers lash out at Chris Williams

While watching the session play out on Married at First Sight, viewers were infuriated with the things that Chris was saying.

And by the look on Pastor Cal’s face, he was clearly frustrated with the “extraordinary narcissist” as well.

“Look Chris, attraction has to be more than physical,” explained the MAFS expert. “If you’re truly looking for marriage then you need to be focused on shared values and you have to let attraction grow.”

“That’s what I did though,” said Chris.

“Dude you did not!” retorted Pastor Cal. “No you did not.”

Despite the meaningful advice, it seems it all went in one ear and out the other for Chris.

But his words about Paige’s appearance certainly struck a nerve with fans and they took to social media to bash Chris.

Twitter fans bash MAFS star Chris Williams
Pic credit:@TheJessieWoo/Twitter
Twitter fans bash MAFS star Chris Williams
Pic credit:@BrownViolate/Twitter
Twitter fans bash MAFS star Chris Williams
Pic credit:@MonieeLovee_/Twitter

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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