The 5 worst husbands in Married at First Sight history

These women had no chance of success with these men. Pic Credit: Lifetime

With any reality show comes its bad apples – however on Married at First Sight, you’re legally bound to those apples.

The social experiment continues to test the theory if there really is a science to love. After 11 seasons, we’ve seen some great matches by the experts but we’ve also seen some that missed the mark completely.

While it takes two to make a successful marriage, the women paired with these men really had no chance at making things work.

Not only that, but some of the things these men did and said during their time on the show had them looking like the biggest reality TV villains.

Here is our list of the six worst husbands in Married At First Sight history.

Matt Gwynne

Matt revealed he knew the marriage wouldn’t work within 15 minutes. Pic Credit: Lifetime

Amber Bowles thought she hit the jackpot with her tall basketball player husband – until she got to know him. She felt an instant attraction however, the same couldn’t be said for Matt.

Matt admitted at the reunion that he knew within 15 minutes that the marriage between him and Amber wouldn’t work.

Fans had hope for the couple after their honeymoon but the cracks in their relationship soon started to show.

When he failed to come home at night, it would trigger her abandonment issues and Amber would spend the evening in tears. He would often stay out until the early hours, blaming it on “being out with his friends.”

However, she quickly found out that wasn’t the case. Although Matt was now legally married, it didn’t end his player ways and we’re not talking about basketball.

He blamed it on his communication, but in reality, was spending time with other women.

Not only did one of Amber’s best friends catch him on a date, his infidelity even made headlines at the school she taught at. Viewers are convinced he stepped out on his marriage more than once.

Even though Amber was completely committed to making the marriage work, there are some things you simply can’t look past.

Zach Justice

Zach didn’t take the marriage experiment seriously. Pic credit: Lifetime

Although fans thought Zach was going to be a good husband after a sweet gesture at the altar – boy were we wrong.

Zach proved to be a smooth talker and seemed to have participated in the social experiment solely for publicity.

A few days into the marriage, he told Mindy he was struggling to build an attraction to her.

The personal trainer claimed he was committed to the process but his actions proved different when he refused to move in with his new wife. Mindy could see why the experts matched them to be married, but no one could’ve predicted Zach’s behavior.

Although he had difficulty finding a connection with Mindy, he did find interest in one of his new wife’s friends.

Her friend Lindsay explained that she was trying to help Zach deal with Mindy. However, when asked for the text messages as proof – both parties happened to have deleted them.

Not only did Mindy lose out on a marriage, but she also lost a friend in the process.

If there’s anything fans hope Zach takes out of the experiment – it’s how to treat people better.

Luke Cuccurullo

After calling his wife repulsive, Luke definitely makes the list of worst husbands. Pic Credit: Lifetime

When it comes to the worst husbands in MAFS history, Luke definitely belongs on the list after his treatment of his partner Kate Sisk.

He admitted that he was disappointed with his new wife when she walked down the aisle.

Although MAFS has produced some successful couples, attraction continues to be something the experts can’t predict. Luke claimed he only had sex with Kate to make her feel good – not because he actually wanted to.

On the honeymoon, he famously said he felt dead inside after kissing her.

After calling her repulsive and asking her lie to production about their sex life, this is one match the experts felt was healthier apart.

The reunion brought shocking revelations regarding Luke’s sexuality. Although Luke said he’s never dated a man, Kate wasn’t convinced.

Kate revealed that on the day of the MAFS reunion, Luke’s Facebook status said he was in a relationship with a man. While he said it was a college joke, fans didn’t think it was funny.

Michael Watson

Michael got caught in too many lies for an 8-week experiment. Pic Credit: Lifetime

Michael made history being the first husband in MAFS history to be granted an annulment for his television marriage.

Although the couple agreed on divorcing, Michael changed his mind, which prompted a virtual court date. When it came to Meka, she wanted whatever would rid her of her ex-husband the fastest.

While he claims he was purposely matched to fail for television ratings, Meka feels like she was the one who was ultimately defrauded by him. In the eight weeks that she knew her husband, his job title changed three times.

She attributes the failure to Michael’s inability to tell the truth.

They did share chemistry on their wedding day, but his lies started on the flight to the honeymoon.

Although he told her friends that he wouldn’t pressure her into sex, he was singing a different tune on the honeymoon. Meka felt that her new husband acted like another person off-camera.

From lying about being a yoga teacher to how much money he made, Meka couldn’t trust anything that came out of his mouth.

Ryan De Nino

Ryan De Nino from Season 2 of Married at First Sight
Ryan De Nino from Season 2 of Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Arguably the absolute worst husband in the history of Married at First Sight would be Ryan De Nino, who was a terrible match for Jessica Castro from the start of their marriage.

The couple fought quite a bit and shocked MAFS fans with their screaming matches. They even famously got into a huge argument just one week after their MAFS wedding. But that’s not what landed him on the list of worst husbands.

Instead, it’s the fact that Jessica couldn’t just choose to divorce on Decision Day and move on from Ryan. It was learned just days after the Season 2 finale that Jessica had taken out an order of protection to keep Ryan De Nino away from her, something that he revealed on social media.

Not long after that, one of the lawyers hired to handle Jessica and Ryan’s divorce also quit, citing Ryan’s temper as the reason.

Who was your least favorite MAFS husband?

Married at First Sight Season 12 premieres Wednesday, January 13, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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