Married at First Sight Rumors: What is the secret between Mindy’s friend and Zach?

Mindy and Zach
The previews show that there is a secret between Mindy’s friend and her new husband, Zach. Pic credit: Lifetime

Blogger Mafsfan is coming through again with some new tea regarding Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben. Zach and Mindy, who were married on last week’s episode of Married at First Sight, seemed to have some amazing chemistry.

However, a preview for the season, showed a problem between the couple, involving a secret and Mindy’s best friend.

Mindy says in the preview that someone is lying to her — either her best friend or her husband. Well, it looks like Mafsfan may have uncovered what the whole situation concerns.

According to the rumors, Lindsay, who was in the purple dress at Zach and Mindy’s wedding, started talking to Zach at some point.

Lindsay came all the way from out of town for Mindy’s special day. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

The experts and Mindy allegedly feel Zach seemed to show interest in Lindsay and was having an emotional affair with her. Zach denies this ever happened.

Mafsfan's Instagram
Mafsfan posted information about Zach and Lindsay’s relationship. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan
Mafsfan correction
It turns out that the experts and Mindy feel like Zach is having an emotional affair. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

Allegedly, Lindsay and Zach developed a friendship after Lindsay learned there were problems in Zach and Mindy’s relationship. She was trying to help Zach learn how to deal with Mindy, and the lines got blurred somewhere.

Mafsfan Instagram
Mafsfan explains how Lindsay and Zach became friends. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

Mafsfan also claims that Zach and Mindy chose not to stay married on Decision Day. Even though the blogger doesn’t give details about the source of this info, based on the new developments, it is certainly understandable why this could be true.

Zach and Mindy get divorced
According to Mafsfan, Zach and Mindy decide not to stay married. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

This season is certainly turning out to be explosive.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesday at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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