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MAFS Atlanta: Team Jake or Team Haley? Part 2 of the reunion didn’t bring much clarity for this former couple

MAFS stars Jacob Harder and Haley Harris face off during the reunion
Haley and Jake argue about their marriage during MAFS reunion Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Atlanta is officially over after a tumultuous faceoff between Jacob “Jake” Harder and Haley Harris last night.

As the two met once again for the second part of the reunion, we were all reminded why they eventually decided to end their marriage.

Despite having time to do some introspection, Haley and Jake were still on two different sides of the fence. During their exchange, the MAFS couple could not take accountability for the part they played in the demise of their marriage.

Haley and Jake have heated exchange during reunion

These Married at First Sight stars seem to have one thing in common and it’s that they’re both set in their ways. They saw each other at the reunion for the first time since Decision Day and the air was cold as ice.

Jake went into the reunion still upset about what Haley had said on Decision Day and brought that up during their sit-down.

“On Decision Day when you tell the world that I never tried and my head wasn’t in it like we went through eight weeks of hell together, you can at least give me some credit. That to me was the worst part of all this,” remarked Jake.

Leading up to that comment, reunion host Kevin Frazier asked each of them what really went wrong between them.

“We’re just two very different people. I don’t think we understand each other’s sort of communication methods or humor or any of those types of things. It just didn’t work,” shared Jake. ” I was myself the whole time and Haley didn’t like me and that’s okay.”

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As for what Haley didn’t “like” about her husband, she explained, “I didn’t like his humor. There are a lot of quirks that I couldn’t really wrap my head around, we didn’t communicate at all.”

When Haley made that comment the two started to bicker about whether or not Jacob actually put any effort into getting to know his wife. The 28-year-old claimed he never tried, Jacob claimed that he did.

I don’t feel like you ever tried to get to know me, it wasn’t that you tried in the marriage I just don’t think you tried to get to know who I am,” Haley shared.

“Yeah you shot me down every single step of the way,” responded Jacob, and that started a war of words between them again.

MAFS fans pick sides between Haley and Jake

The Married at First Sight stars might not agree on what went wrong between them, but fans have their own take on the situation after watching the season.

For the most part, Haley is getting a lot of heat online for telling Jake that she wasn’t attracted to him, and last night it seemed as if everyone on Twitter was team, Jacob. Furthermore, MAFS viewers were pretty upset that reunion host Kevin Frazier went easier on her than they would’ve liked.

Twitter is team Jacob after MAFS reunion.
Pic credit:@Seaux_What_/Twitter
Twitter is team Jacob after MAFS reunion.
Pic credit:/@ANGEL__48/Twitter

After much searching, we did manage to find a comment or two from people who weren’t placing the blame on Haley.

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MAFS fans are team Jacob
Pic credit:@Scrappmusiq/Twitter
Some MAFS viewers defend Haley
Pic credit:@Tykeez/Twitter

Now that you’ve watched the show and heard both sides, are you team Haley or team Jacob?

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus on Lifetime.

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  1. Hard to tell with these two. He appeared to be very sensitive and insecure and took everything as an insult and he continued to look for rejection at every turn. Her conversation about his present with her mother was very mean and childish and her mother was totally disrespectful of his effort and rude – so must be where she gets it. Think after they admittedly had sex she felt shame or guilt at having it with a stranger she wasn’t sure about and withdrew emotionally. He never clued in and was so terrified of rejection that’s all he looked for. Hope they do better in the future and sort themselves out.


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