MAFS alums Miles and Bennett are teaching fans ‘How to Act on Reality TV’

MAFS stars Bennett Kirschner and Miles Williams screenshot
Bennett Kirschner and Miles Williams have teamed up for a new project. Pic credit: Lifetime

Miles Williams and Bennett Kirschner are teaming up to help prospective reality TV stars with their new series, Life is a Broadcast: How to Act on Reality TV.

The former Married at First Sight stars shared the news on social media and their fellow alums aplauded the duo for their ingenuity.

They will share all the tips and tricks they’ve learned from their time on the show in the YouTube series.

Both men were a part of the New Orleans cast – arguably one of the best seasons of the series.

Those were the days when the cast members leaned into the process and it worked out in their favor.

Cut to Season 17 and the cast is more concerned about performing for the cameras than just being themselves. It’s made for a dismal season with long-time fans calling it the worst.

Thankfully, Miles and Bennett are here to the rescue.

Miles and Bennett are teaming up to help prospective reality TV stars

Miles and Bennett shared the news about an interesting new project they are working on together.

“We’re releasing a new series on YouTube, called ‘Life is a Broadcast: How to Act on Reality TV,” said the duo in the post.

“It’s made for ANYONE who has ever considered applying for a Reality TV show or wondered about the industry’s inner-workings,” they added.

The MAFS Season 11 stars noted that the ten episodes will include “tips, tricks and secrets of the trade that anyone — viewer and performer alike — can use in their daily life.”

Keep in mind that aside from their shared reality TV experience, Bennett is also a filmmaker which means the pair can offer insight about being in front of the camera as well as behind the camera.

MAFS alums applaud Miles and Bennett for their ‘awesome’ idea

After Miles and Bennett shared the news, MAFS alums took to the comments to applaud the duo.

“This is awesome. Congrats!” said their Season 11 castmate Henry Rodriguez. “My advice would be to just constantly talk on camera and never stop. But maybe that’s just me.”

“This is awesome,” reiterated Chris Collett. “Absolutely game to share my experience if anyone cares. I get *so many* questions that made me realize how little people know about how these shows really work. 👏👏.”

MAFS alums show support for Miles Williams and Bennett Kirshner
MAFS alums weigh in. Pic credit: @bennett_here/Instagram

Brett Lindsey wrote, “If Bennet is involved then I’m definitely watching! Good for you bud!”

Jacob Harder added, “Only caveat is 90% of being honest will get cut. But it’s a great way to operate regardless.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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3 months ago

I can’t wait to see your show unfolds. Wish you the best for your endeavors.