MAFS alum Amani Aliyya gushes over husband Woody Randall’s tight bond with her dad

MAFS star Amani Aliyya Instagram selfie
Amani Aliyya shares a sweet Father’s Day post for her dad and husband Woody Randall. Pic credit: @_easyaa/Instagram

Woody Randall didn’t just get a wife when he and Amani Aliyya tied the knot on Married at First Sight – he got a lot more than that, a new family.

Woody and his father-in-law have formed a close bond over the years and Amani gushed about their relationship in a recent post.

As usual, MAFS fans couldn’t get enough of the sweet sentiment after falling in love with the couple in Season 11 and they quickly took to the comments to sound off.

When we first met Woody on the show, he revealed that his grandma was the most important person in his life and that he had a rocky relationship with his dad.

Thankfully, Amani had two dads in her life, and they embraced her new husband from the moment they met him.

If you wanted an update on how Woody has been fitting into the family, Amani gave us the cutest one yet.

Amani Aliyya gushes over Woody’s relationship with her dad

Over the weekend, Amani shared a sweet post for the most important fathers in her life, her dad and husband.

The touching clip showed Woody and Amani’s dad dressed in flashy suits each holding one of the boys.

“When I decided to have an arranged marriage, I anticipated our families taking a while to warm up to the idea of us getting married and to each other,” wrote Amani in the Instagram caption. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised to have an experience where Woody talks to my dad more than I do.”

“I love that for them but really for all of us,” she added.

MAFS fans comment on Woody’s bond with his father-in-law

After Amani shared the Father’s Day message, MAFS fans commented on the touching post.

“I love this, especially because I remember on the show he talked about not having a real relationship with his dad so this is beautiful to me,” wrote a commenter.

“I remember on the episode when both of your dads accepted Woody from day 1 and its nice to see that things are still going good ❤️,” expressed someone else.

A commenter wrote, “God knew this was a marriage that was going to bless others as well as heal any possible hurt you guys had from the past. I love this for yall and us as fans.”

MAFS fans comment on Amani Aliyya's post.
MAFS fans weigh in. Pic credit: @_easyaa/Instagram

Someone else exclaimed, “Woody said that’s my Dad now 😂.”

The MAFS star promptly responded, “He is.”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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