Mackenzie McKee talks death, marriage problems, and Teen Mom OG

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie says she’s had a “rough go” of it lately. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee admits she’s had a “rough go” of it lately.

Mackenzie has managed to stay out of the headlines lately when it comes to drama with her Teen Mom OG castmates.

Not too long ago, however, Mackenzie seemed to be defending herself left and right and felt as though she was being left out of all things Teen Mom OG-related.

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Earlier this week, the blonde fitness mogul took to Twitter to get something off her chest about the recent events in her life.

Mackenzie McKee is having a ‘rough go’ of it lately

“Recovering from a death, marriage problems, and what [MTV] and the OGS did to me back to back has been a rough go honestly ?”

mackenzie mckee tweets about having a "rough go" after experiencing a lot of stressful events in her life
Pic credit: @DouthitKenzie/Twitter

The death Mackenzie spoke of is that of her mother, Angie Douthit, who passed away from brain cancer in 2019. The loss was extremely hard for Mackenzie and to complicate matters, it was aired on Teen Mom OG.

Mackenzie also mentioned marriage problems; she and Josh McKee wed in August 2013 and share three children, Gannon, 10, Jaxie, 8, and Broncs, 5. Mackenzie and Josh’s relationship has been through the wringer, even before they tied the knot, with infidelity committed by both parties.

The issues Mackenzie has with MTV and her Teen Mom OG castmates are also part of her “rough go” these days. She recently revealed that she’s felt left out by her Teen Mom OG castmates, telling her fans, “I’m gonna keep it real.”

“I just feel kind of embarrassed and stupid for thinking I was [a part] of the OGs,” Mackenzie continued. “Liking people and finding out publicly they don’t like you back is not the best feeling.”

Mackenzie responds to Teen Mom OG supporters and critics

Mackenzie received plenty of feedback on her recent tweet and she responded to some of her followers who commented on the post.

One of Mackenzie’s supporters offered up their advice: “Take it as a blessing in disguise. Look what TM has come to these days. Not all money is good money. Not all press is good press.”

Mackenzie responded, hinting that the direction of Teen Mom OG has changed drastically: “I wish it was still about sharing the struggle of being a teen mom ?.”

mackenzie mckee interacts with fans and critics on her recent twitter post about death, marriage problems, and teen mom og feuds
Pic credit: @DouthitKenzie/Twitter

Another one of Mackenzie’s followers wasn’t as supportive and told the reality TV star, “Everything with death and marriage I get but everything you went through with the OGS AND MTV you kind of did to yourself. Accountability will take you far.”

Mackenzie replied, “I’m guessing you never had a conversation with me about my side and listened to something you read or heard on the internet.”

Things ended on a somewhat good note between Mackenzie and her follower, however, when Mackenzie offered to have a discussion about their differences in opinion.

“I am willing to have a conversation with you. But some of the stuff you did do to yourself. It’s not all on the OG’s and MTV,” Mackenzie’s critic replied.

Their comment continued, “I don’t agree with everything they did to you but I don’t agree with some of the things you did either.”

mackenzie mckee interacts with a follower on twitter after sharing a message about death, marriage, and teen mom og
Pic credit: @DouthitKenzie/Twitter

Mackenzie kept her answer simple and wrote, “❤ my dms are open.”

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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