Teen Mom OG: Mackenzie McKee defends husband Josh against trolls, says she’s ‘glad’ he cheated

Josh and Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG
Mackenzie McKee defended her marriage to husband of eight years, Josh McKee. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee is defending her marriage to her husband Josh after trolls bashed him for his infidelity.

Mackenzie has dealt with Teen Mom OG fans insulting her husband of eight years for his cheating ways.

But it seems like Mackenzie hit her boiling point when she shared a post commemorating her and Josh’s eighth wedding anniversary.

Mackenzie McKee commemorates her eighth anniversary with Josh McKee

The 26-year-old mom of three shared her post on Instagram, where she included several pics of herself and Josh, both recently, and at their wedding in August 2013.

Mackenzie captioned her post, “Happy 8 year wedding anniversary to the man who has the patience of a saint.”

Soon, Mackenzie’s followers were commenting on her post, apparently referring to Josh as “trash” and telling Mackenzie that she deserves better.

Mackenzie has since deleted comments on her post, but took to her Instagram Stories to send a long-winded message to her followers that she’s fed up with their comments about Josh and their marriage.

Teen Mom Talk on Instagram shared screenshots of Mackenzie’s Instagram Stories.

Mackenzie is ‘glad’ she and Josh cheated on each other

Mackenzie gave her fans an example of what she hears from haters and wrote, “People “why don’t you ever post about Josh” Makes a post over half a year[.] “he’s trash” “he cheats, you deserve better” Y’all it’s exhausting. Every freaking time.”

“Let me post a damn anniversary photo,” Mackenzie continued. “I’m glad I cheated on him and I’m glad he did what he did to me. We are no longer stuck in the same place we were. It helped us grow and move forward,” Mackenzie claimed.

“I’m happy your marriage is perfect,” Mackenzie said, aimed at her trolls. “But mine isn’t and this is our story. And please stop saying I fought to keep him. Y’all I will NEVER fight for a man. The show is so off from how things really are. I’m not a weak b***h.”

“Ladies. When times get tough. Walk away. If it works out it was meant to be. Stop putting me in a category with the women who fight for a marriage. Who fights for a marriage? Not me. I will leave and if you don’t come for me, BYE!!!”

Mackenzie claims Teen Mom OG makes her and Josh ‘look ridiculous’

Mackenzie wasn’t done there and continued to tell her followers, “If this info has you Disappointed [in] me. I’m not sorry. We met as literal children and grew through many seasons of life together. He chose to forgive me and come work it out when I chose to walk away.”

“So please allow me to simply post about my marriage. Josh and I live our life laughing together and have a better friendship than most of you “perfect marriage that was always faithful” but tv makes us look ridiculous,” Mackenzie pleaded.

Mackenzie asked the haters to stop and she continued, “I literally spilled my guts on camera talking about my infidelity over and over. They took it all out and made Josh look like a damn [serial] cheater. So now I get to hear [about] how I’m weak and he’s no good and I deserve better. Please stop.”

Mackenzie also responded to a troll’s comment using her Body by Mac Fitness account. The troll’s comment read, “exactly, hope he appreciates her now and doesn’t cheat on her again or has to think if he wants to be a part of the family he created[.]”

Mackenzie replied, “he cheated once and I cheated 3 times [why] do we only point the fingers at him lol. I’m just saying. I’m glad he did [what he] did and I did what I did. We were young and we are so much stronger now. All y’all can shove it[.] I just wanted to post one damn photo.”

Teen Mom OG fans have watched Mackenzie and Josh’s marital struggles

Teen Mom OG fans have lashed out at Josh, especially after Mackenzie accused him of having an “emotional affair” with her cousin last year after she was mourned the death of her mom, Angie, just one week earlier.

Josh later responded to the accusations, and shared a post aimed at his Teen Mom haters that read, “Better worry about your own sins, cause God ain’t gonna ask you about mine.”

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